Sunday, March 03, 2019

Having been to Taiwan last year, I have been into the milk tea craze lately. I've been fond of the combination of milk tea and snacks, that I was so excited to visit the first Gulu Gulu store, here in the Philippines.

Gulu Gulu is located at Savemore, Nagtahan in Sta. Mesa Manila. Their first shop, opened in Guangzhou in 1997 because the owner, Mr. Guo Weixiong, wanted to spread the tea culture in his area. It was also a fortunate accident that he discovered that young people love to eat while walking. There, the name "Gulu Gulu", a gulping sound while drinking tea, was envisioned for his store. When opening his shop, he thought of combining milk tea and octopus balls, or also known as "takoyaki". 

After twenty-two years, Gulu Gulu has opened its doors to 15 provinces and has more than 500 chain stores in China. Now, the dream is to introduce the brand here in the Philippines and experience what they could offer. 

Gulu Gulu offers milk teas, fruit teas, takoyaki and combos. Their teas are affordably priced and their combos are best selling because you could get a full meal for the price of one. 

Try their Takoyaki with Pork Floss and Nori for only Php130 for six pieces and you could feel as if eating an authentic takoyaki from Japan. It is very flavorful and its size is value for your money. You could also try their best sellers: 

Mango Gulu
Original Milk Tea with 3 pcs. Takoyaki
Chocolate Milk Tea Red Bean

So what are you waiting for? Try Gulu Gulu now and spread the milk tea and takoyaki craze. Know more about Gulu Gulu at their Social Media Pages: 

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