When Shoes Become Part of a Woman's Success

The last thing any woman wants to deal with during the Holiday season is unpredictable weather. Television host, Janeena Chan, and entrepreneur, Thea de Rivera, have mastered the delicate art of balancing style and substance. Because of their success and drive, Melissa Shoes has chosen Janeena Chan and Thea de Rivera as their #MeInMelissa Style Mavens for the month of October.

#MeInMelissa is Melissa Shoes’ on-going campaign in the Philippines. Through their recent collection, Open Vibes, Melissa empowers Filipino women by showcasing their Style Mavens; smart, beautiful, and strong women who have built successful careers by following their passions.

Janeena Chan: Walking the Fine Line Between Influence and Care

“I’m just so grateful to be in a career that I love,” shares Janeena Chan. “I just don't want take for granted anything so I'm really grateful to be in this line of work. So really that in itself is motivation enough to just keep on going.”

The face of ANC’s Chinoy TV, Janeena Chan is a television personality, lifestyle blogger, model, and digital influencer from Manila, Philippines. She began her career at a young age almost twenty years ago and has risen to become a popular name for media events and marketing campaigns.  

Thea de Rivera: Manila’s Fastest Rising Entrepreneur

With nothing more than a strong passion for serving hearty and reinvented comfort food, Thea de Rivera is one of Manila’s most prolific, young entrepreneurs. In 2013, after graduating from university, de Rivera and her boyfriend, Gab Bustos, opened The Girl and The Bull in B.F. Homes, Paranaque. In the time since, the duo has opened a number of restaurants including 12/10 in Makati.

“I think I’m one of the few people who like really busy schedules and when people ask me how I do it, it’s really all about balancing your time,” shares de Rivera. “I sometimes find myself running out of time because I have so much things to do but at the end of the day, it’s really about managing your time wisely and properly.”

Looking Good & Staying Stylishly Practical

For Chan and de Rivera, their biggest challenge is being able to look good while staying practical. And given how unpredictable the weather can be during this time of the year, the subtle balance between comfort and style has become a very fine line these women have managed to find through Melissa Shoes.

“Well it’s very important, because I need to be very comfortable during my work days,” says de Rivera. “It’s very important to have shoes that you’re very comfortable in, to make sure you can move around. So what I love about Melissa shoes is that even if they seem so pretty and cute from afar, when you actually wear them, they’re the most comfortable pair of footwear you’ll be able to try on.”

“I love the quality,” Chan adds. “You are assured of quality, comfort, and style. It’s always on point. I’ve worn it in night events and by the pool. It’s water resistant, and you can wear it with anything really!”

Through Melissa’s versatility, these driven and successful women can easily manage even the most stressful day, rain or shine.

“So really from day to night, you can pair it [Melissa Shoes] with anything. I pair it with my personal style; be it a skirt, a dress, a jumpsuit, or even a nice mini-dress. Anything really, whatever you want,” says Chan.

“So it’s important to me to have a pair of shoes that is easy to work with,” says de Rivera. “That’s what I think is the beauty of Melissa: It’s really nice and stylish, but at the same time it’s really comfortable.”

Their success and status as thought-provoking leaders among women of their generation has inspired Melissa to recognize Thea de Rivera and Janeena Chan as their Style Mavens for the month of October.

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