Tuesday, May 01, 2018

This summer has been very hectic and a bit of a travel bonanza for me. My vacation actually started from going to Iloilo, then my cousin went to Manila, so we toured them around the city, and weeks ago, Krystle and I went to Taiwan. May is even more hectic because my friend abroad will be home and another round of reunions and out of towns are in store for me. Aside for planning for summer, the most exciting part of the season is SHOPPING! But to prevent long lines at the mall and going through the scorching heat, I have Shopee to help me save time and even go around my budget.

There are two ways to shop online with Shopee. You can access their website, www.shopee.ph or through their mobile app, which you can download on your mobile phone or tablet. So without further ado, here is my summer essentials for 2018:

Xiaomi Yi Lite 4K Action Camera (www.shopee.ph/maricelonlinestore)

This gadget is perfect for my vlog because it is very portable and affordable. I need an action camera for quick snaps and stabilizes well for my Youtube videos. 

Sandisk Ultra SSD 120GB (www.shopee.ph/wholesalemaster)

Because I ALWAYS run out of storage space from my selfies to group photos, the 128GB memory card is a must-have to store more photos, movies and music on my phone. 

Instant Photo Printer (www.shopee.ph/jamiesenterprises)

Make your memories instant with the Paperang Portable Printer. If you are into crafts and scrapbooking like me, this device is perfect to print out pictures and documenting your summer memories.

I love how summer means a lot of beach trips and pool parties! This one piece swimsuit screams elegance and classy at the same time. Also, it hides your flabs, if you're bead body isn't ready for the season yet. *wink*

Mini Aircon Fan (www.shopee.ph/jamesabc_tan)

Protect yourself from getting sweaty during your road trip or commute with the mini aircon fan. This is useful during a long drive because it helps you cool down a little bit. 

Floral Dress (www.shopee.ph/onlinedivi)

To step up your fashion game this summer, a floral/maxi dress is perfect for your beach #OOTD, while making you feel pretty and comfortable. Plus you're ready for the impromptu photo sessions. 

Juicer/ Blender (www.shopee.ph/jfshop211)

It is important to properly hydrate yourself this summer because it is very hot outside. If water is not enough, try it with more flavor and go natural. You can juice fruits or smoothies with a blender and drink healthy. 

How about you? What are your summer must-haves? I am so ready for my trips this month, thanks to the convenience of online shopping with Shopee. Did you also know that from April 13 to May 5, they are holding their 5.5 Shopee Super Sale - their biggest mid-year online sale of up to 90% off and deals as low as 55 pesos. So hurry now and start shopping. 

While at it, you may also use my special code, BSUKISUGARSMILE to get PHP80 off on your first purchase. This only applies for first time Shopee users!

You may follow Shopee on their social media accounts at www.facebook.com/ShopeePH and www.instagram.com/shopee_ph for more details and updates on their promos. 

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