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No trip outside the country is complete without trying their sumptuous dishes. In countries like Spain, food is like art and culture and is home to some of the finest culinary minds in the world.  One can look forward to pitch-perfect dining experiences here that makes Spain the world's gastronomic leader. Thus, what makes Spain a hot destination are not just its breathtaking landscapes or the dynamic metropolises or its and cultural offerings, but its incredible restaurants and the culinary universe. Make sure to check out Spain's culinary journey as you plan a trip and make bookings at one of the most sought-after Spanish villas.

Here are the ten most popular spots in Spain for dining!

1. El Celler de Can Roca
El Celler de Can Roca serves modern Spanish cuisines and ranks very high for a fine dining experience. Run by three brothers' who carry an equal passion for cooking. The free-style restaurant remains committed to the avant-garde and dedicated to feeding people. Seem of the established favorites are edible perfume desserts, prawn with vinegar and the 14-plus courses. The customers love their charcoal-grilled lamb consommé, cuttlefish with sake lees and black rice sauce and the onion flower with comté cheese.

2. Asador Etxebarri
Chef Victor Arguinzoniz has based his restaurant on the grill, and everything that gets made here comes out of smoke and fire. Asador Etxebarri is famous for chorizo that is homemade by the chef, and he often prepares as tartare.  Located in the foothills of Mt. Anboto, the restaurant employs the ancient techniques of grill cooking to churn out truly wonderful dishes. The dishes are made from fresh and seasonal products and are consistently put together with a delicate touch and served humbly.

3. DiverXO 
Chef Dabiz Muñoz runs one of the most popular restaurants in the Spanish capital, and there is a long wait here. Thus, this is the right time to book here if you plan to go sometime next year! It is indeed an incredible experience to dine here, and the food here is a constant exploration. It is indeed great to go through its super inventive dishes, and each of those dishes is worked perfectly.

4. Arzak
Arzak is listed among the best restaurants in the world and run by father-daughter duo team that prepares modern Basque dishes such as the crispy trotter meal or the famous "Red Egg," made with piquillo peppers. Customers love those cumin crisps that are served with the lobster and spinach. The à la carte menus include multiple tasting specialties such as seabass served on a tablet computer or the Red Space Egg with a skin of red peppers and mushrooms. Big Chocolate Truffle with candyfloss carries a range of textures and is a big hit.

5. Asador Etxebarri
Serving rustic wood-fired Spanish food, Asador Etxebarri has made its presence felt in the global food scene over the past decade. The chefs from all across the world flock to the humble restaurant to get inspired and take some inspiration back to their homeland. There is a distinctive smokiness to the food because of the carefully selected woods. Even the simplest plates like salted anchovy on toast, or the home-made chorizo or the giant Palamos prawns seem like the most outstanding.

6. Tickets
Tickets has been running for a couple of years in Barcelona and has quickly made it to the top of the gastronomic dining chart. You will love dinging in the cinema-themed ambiance and being served by staff in eccentric uniforms. The ice-cream cart's bell is a sign of the end of the savory meal. Olive juice comes from handpicked olives, and other dishes include mollete papada and oysters plus the traditional tapas dishes. The entrance to the restaurant resembles an old-school circus ticket booth.

7. Azurmendi
Azurmendi is operated by chef Emeka Atxa, who has been cooking professionally since the age of 15.  A pioneer of ultrasonic cooking, Atxa is fervent about geothermal technology and sustainability. One of his cutting-edge techniques is how to alter the texture of food. Truffled egg, which is ‘cooked inside out’ is the highlight of the restaurant and another favorite is the Edible Cotton, which is a classic snack.

8. Quique Dacosta (Dénia) 
Quique Dacosta is a three-Michelin-starred restaurant that serves a variety of tasting menus. Do not forget to taste the tobacco leaf and toro, which is a sashimi-style tuna belly offered on smoked, caramelized kelp with onion rings and micro herbs. Quique Dacosta leaves its mark and impression on its guests because of the environment that envelops and enchants as well as its culinary creations.

9. Es Caló Restaurant 
Es Caló Restaurant is a clear winner and offers top class seafood and the best fine dining experience in Spain. It is highly recommended because of the delicious lobster paella and the different desserts. It is worth a splurge, and you sure won't regret it. The restaurant is buzzing with friendly service and some great food such as paella, fish, calamari, and fiduea. The setting is marvelous, and the views are beautiful.

10. Mugartiz
Knowns for its techno-emotional Spanish, Mugartiz is indeed unique as it allows its guests to pick from 24 individually tailored courses that have been customized to suit their dietary requirements. There is no menu, and it shows the shift away from the traditional dining norms and to offer a creative dining experience at Mugartiz. This is the idea of a perfect journey through food by the chef-owner Andoni Luis Aduriz.

So what are you waiting for? The food journey and culture discovery awaits in Spain! 

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