Wednesday, January 11, 2017

THE ULTIMATE HEARTTHROB - No other person comes to mind when we speak about the most sought after bachelor in the country than Piolo Pascual. And this 2017, he starts the year with a bang as he turns the big four zero. 
This January 12, Piolo Pascual turns 40, but without looking it. He conquers the start of the year with different projects in the entertainment industry. One of the projects that he boasts of is the lifestyle show last year with Lui Villaruz. The first season had them eating their way around Osaka, Japan. Its success led to an immediate follow up season, with son Inigo at Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

Piolo loves the fact that he gets to travel and discover different regions of the world. "I want to travel, just in case there is a chance for me to showcase Filipino talents, not just here but also abroad," he said. 

Aside from TV shows, one thing to expect about Piolo is his upcoming movie, "Once in a Lifetime", with Yen Santos, where they filmed in New Zealand. He also got into movie producing, as he wanted to be able to do more roles and even indie films. 

When it comes to music, his talent was showcased by recently launching his Piolo Greatest Themes Album. As an endorser, he wanted so much to be an ambassador of the products that he is endorsing. 

Amid all the upcoming projects and his goal, Piolo just couldn't help but be grateful with the trust that he received over the years and the blessings that he is continuously receiving from the network for the last 20 years of being in the business. 

"I can never be more thankful. I'm just really happy that they did not just change my life, they've changed my whole track, my entire journey in life and I'm just really humbled by it," he added. 

What is admirable about Piolo Pascual is how he stayed low-key and really humble. I remember covering during his events and he would always grace us a photo-op, no matter how many people wanted to interview him. Plus points to him as he is really the ultimate heartthrob for me, and it would probably stay that way for a long time.  

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