Gardenia Makes Your Day More Flavorful

It's time for school again! And to make it more flavorful for your whole family, why not start your morning with a succulently smooth, creamy and caramel-y Gardenia Amazing Butterscotch loaf filled with flavorful butterscotch chips?  And hey, did you know that this can be transformed to another sweet pick?

You can try this easy-to-create sans rival using Gardenia Butterscotch:

Gardenia Butterscotch Mango Sans Rival


3 pcs Butterscotch Loaf
¼ cup butter
1 tbsp ripe mango, sliced
1 tbsp nuts, chopped
2 pcs chocolate bars
1 tbsp powdered Sugar – 1 tbsp


1. Get 3 slices of Gardenia Amazing Butterscotch Loaf and trim the sides.
2. Combine butter, evaporated milk and powdered sugar until becomes smooth.
3. Spread the butter cream mixture into the trimmed breads then put sliced ripe mangoes on top and sprinkle chopped nuts. 4. Stack all breads onto each other. Spread the butter cream on the bread sides and apply nuts.
5. Chill overnight.
6. Serve and enjoy!

Wait, there’s more! Gardenia’s amazing flavored line has also a black forest loaf, a lusciously soft, moist bread rich in chocolate filling, laden with sweet, succulent cherries.

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