Monday, June 13, 2016

Fashion is a way of life. I've always believed that having your own style and personal touch is already considered fashion. May it be peculiar or simple, your own taste in fashion reflects to your personality.

Last week, we had the chance to meet Ms. Lilia Digna Rosales, International Designer and President of the Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines. During her talk, she said that our fashion industry is slowly dying. What you can have a custom designed dress once, you can now buy a ready to wear outfit then and there. And you know, we have good designers in the country who have passion in making clothes that make you stand out and unleash your personal style.

Just like last May 20, the Fashion Designers of the Philippines (FDAP), in partnership with the Filipino Heritage Festival, Inc. and SM Megamall, Metamorphosis featured a variety of pieces made by Filipino designers, from the usual ternos (butterfly sleeved dresses) to street wear with a Filipino twist. Thirty designers worked on the fashion show, while 20 participated the exhibit which was on view last May 22.

On June 21 to 24, 2016, we are all invited to the 2016 Environmental Summit: 2nd National Integrated Waste Management Exhibition. How does this connect to fashion, you would ask?

According to Ma'am Digna, the fashion industry brings job to the Filipinos. From sewers, cutters, beadmakers to the designers, etc - these people make use of sustainable materials that are eco-friendly and naturally approved. 

Aside from fashion, we also learned a lot from Dr. Dante Guevarra, where he discussed the present curriculum in our schools. He said that our subjects should be revisited to ensure that proper learnings are taught to the students, without the excess subjects that are not related to a particular course. 

Given this technique, we can teach the students well, based on a specific course. And truly, the Environmental Summit can open doors for land development jobs and the like. 

You might also be interested in other seminars for Event Management 101 and the International Conference on Social Work, on July 13-14 and July 5-6, respectively.

Get educated and join the activities of the 2016 Environmental Summit. Programs will be held this June 21 to 24 at the SM Megatrade Halls 1 &2.

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