Tuesday, September 15, 2015

There are a lot of new things at Starbucks, and it's coming this September 15. Handcrafted coffee beverages, sumptuous food, and even a new card design are available at their stores, and you just have to get first dibs with these treats. 

New Beverages

Philippines might be experiencing rains here and there, but isn't is better to experience adventure with Starbucks' Duo Cocoa Mocha and Dark Caramel Latte. 

Duo Cocoa Mocha is made with velvety steamed milk and roasty signature espresso, creating a smooth and well-balanced beverage. What makes it special is it's topped with chocolate whipped cream, mocha drizzle, and cocoa nibs sprinkles. Available at Short - Php145; Tall – Php155; Grande Php170 and Venti– Php180.

If you fancy something sweet, but with a little darker twist, the Dark Caramel Latte is best for you. This drink combines of creamy dark caramel sauce with steamed milk and their signature espresso, while finishing with whipped cream and a custardy, caramel flan drizzle. The drink is priced at Short - Php135 ; Tall – Php145; Grande Php160 and Venti– Php170.

Starbucks Food

Starbucks introduces their Chocolate Hazelnut Cake - a dense and moist chocolate cake layered with crunchy hazelnut mousse, chocolate hazelnut cream and white and dark chocolate chips.

If you love chewy cookies, the Double Chocolate Peanut Butter satisfies your dark chocolate craving. This is filled with peanut butter cream, making you feel like a kid again. 

They also have the Chocolate Leaf Cookie, shaped like the Autumn Leaf. Behind its cute exterior, this cookie is chocolaty, just the way you can enjoy it.

For a healthier munch, the Spinach Mushroom Fritata is your fix. It is made with penne pasta, mushroom and onions on a buttery flaky crust. 

Experience Espana with the Spanish Omelette Wrap, a tortilla filled with egg, chorizo, ground pork, potato, tomatoes and bell pepper. 

For breakfast treats, Starbucks introduces their Spam Jalapeno, Egg and Cheddar on Rye; Bacon, Egg and Emmental Cheese on French Toast; Farmer's Ham, Egg White and White Cheddar on Muffin Bread; and Three Mushroom and Emmental Cheese on Vegan Roll. These are all priced at Php120.

Coffee Blends

Let's all celebrate Starbucks' 25th Year with the Anniversary Blend. Pegged as the labor of love in 1996, this coffee blend's flavor is unique and bold, in time for their anniversary. 

The Autumn Blend is just perfect for the season. This multi-region blend with notes of subtle spice, cocoa and fine herbs makes for a “big” cup with medium acidity, full body and a round mouthfeel. 

Starbucks Card

I know Starbucks Cards are mostly arsty. This Autumn 2015 is definitely different.The design depicts their heritage- by serving coffee and make the world a little better. This classy card is one of the prettiest I've seen and it is available for an initial load amount of Php300. 

These and more are what's new and happening at Starbucks. Check out your favorite store and share the love for coffee. 

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