Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Few years ago, I discovered that I have PCOS. There was a time that I don't feel so confident about my body and my OB GYNE told me that I should lose weight, and fast. At this age, there are a lot of standards in a woman's body type, and SM Woman champions a body-positive cause by providing the most diverse range of the ultimate fashion staple.

Dare to Denim is the new campaign where SM Woman empowers us to feel beautiful and comfortable in our own skin, regardless of age, color, size or shape. I must admit, jeans/ pants are one of the most difficult clothing staples for me. I have big hips, but short legs - not a good formula when buying jeans. But now, SM Woman's "the denim difference” has something in store for us. ​

After all, unlike other forms of clothing, denim is for all, and there is one for every woman.

Eleven stellar ambassadors have been gathered together to reflect the powerful statement behind the campaign: that denim knows no labels, and that denim defies age, size and skin color. Multi-hyphenate wives, moms, professionals, models, and athletes, each with distinct needs and lifestyles are united by a versatile piece of blue fabric.

Statuesque former runway model Patty Betita walks alongside petite ice skating champion Emee Dy, proving that denim embraces all sizes. Mother and daughter tandem Desiree and Aya Abesamis come hand in hand proving that denim defies age. Plus size model Kimi Lu and morena beauty Jach Manere team up to prove that denim breaks barriers. Denim truly unites all and accepts all.

An incredible testament to denim: its unique ability to make any woman of any age, color, shape, size, and walk of life look and feel both comfortable and powerful. With its widest range of brands, styles, sizes, and trends, SM Woman has it all for denim.

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