Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Only if hard drives were available when I was in college, WD would be the perfect back to school gift for me. I remember having to use floppy discs when saving a Photoshop file and then putting it inside a plastic case to protect it. Good thing there are hard drives now, and it makes your child's school life easy and convenient. Now, let WD guide you on the best hard drives to avail.

Coming in three colors, My Passport Ultra is the perfect teen portable hard drive. Because it has striking colors, they are pegged as innovative and stylish for the younger generation. It is password protected and has 256-bit hardware encryption that ensures the security of every photo, video, music and important file you save.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of My Passport, My Passport Ultra Anniversary Edition is only available for a limited time and exclusive in all Silicon Valley branches nationwide. It retails Php 4,590 for 1TB and Php 7,490 for 2TB.

For the on-the-go teens, and if you and your friends are selfie addicts and love taking pictures and videos, then the My Passport Wireless could be a great gift for either one of you. My Passport Wireless allows you to wirelessly back up all your smartphone photos onto the portable hard disk drive. Now you don't have to worry having insufficient space on your phone, right?

In addition, a built-in SD card slot allows you to transfer photos directly from SD cards in your camera, right into the My Passport Wireless. You won’t need a laptop to store your photos, and free up space on your camera anymore! The Passport Wireless is available at Php 9,590 for 1T and Php 11,990 for 2TB.

For a larger space, say, you need a drive where you can put photos, books, documents and other large sized projects, then the My Book Duo is the excellent choice.

You also do not need to wait long for your files to be transferred as it has transfer speeds up to 290 MB/s. My Book Duo boasts the ability to transfer a full-HD movie in just under 20 seconds. Amazing!

My Book Duo also features two additional USB expansion ports for easy additional storage. The sheer volume of storage potential, as well as fast transfer speeds offered by the My Book Duo means that you and your friends can store even more movies and music, and your entire digital collection! Looks like student moments is taken care of for the next few decades. Now that could even take you until you finish law or med school. SRP are as follows: 4 TB – Php 13,990; 6 TB – Php 16,990; 8 TB – Php 22,990; 12 TB – Php 31,990.

As a WD user myself, I know that these devices can very much help teenagers today in their everyday life. I've always believed that information is power, and with WD, information is literally in the palm of your hands.

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