Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I've heard all good praises with Luminisce from my blogger friends that I finally tried going last holiday weekend. Lately, I've been so stressed out and I feel as if my skin is so dull, I needed to do something about it. My Friday was so productive, it was a weekend well spent.

When you enter the Luminisce clinic, you'd already feel a sense of home. Their staff were all friendly and accommodating, and they would answer your questions about their services. I also loved how they even serve you tea, I think this is important to calm your senses. 

With Dra. Kaycee
Luminisce is headed by Dr. Kristina "Kaycee" Reyes. When I finally met her, I'm sure I'm in good hands because not only did she answer my questions about my skin, but her skin is so good, I can't help but stare. And to think that she's just wearing the Luminisce sunblock that day. The world is unfair. Haha! 

I told Dra. Kaycee that I tend to breakout before because I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and she gladly explained to me what happens when all hormones break loose. Because of that, she recommended the Hydropower Facial where it takes away dead skin cells and mostly relaxes your face. She told me to enjoy the treatment, and I sure did. 

My face before the treatment

The Hydropower Facial uses two machines - Skin Oxyglow and Hydra Power Peel. The attendant first cleansed my face and massaged it. It was heaven! I don't know, maybe because its been a while since I pampered myself. Now, I have all the time in the world to do so.

Peeling now

I had the Skin Oxyglow next. The attendant explained to me that the machine takes out dead skin cells and it is infused with Vitamin C. It was so good I wanted to sleep then and there. I was wondering why I waited so long for this.

Hydra Power Peel Machine

Last is the Hydra Power Peel. The machine has three steps to work on your skin. Step 1 lightens your skin, as it uses lactic acid, Step 2 is mild peeling and uses salicylic acid and Step 3 moisturizes with hyaluronic acid. I love how you feel that it thoroughly cleanses your skin with all the liquid gushing on your face. It was cold and relaxing since the weather was so humid that day. The attendant also mentioned that the mild peeling takes out the black/white heads on your skin already. After that, she injected something for my pimples so it'll be gone in no time. 

I'm officially a Luminisce Baby! 

Overall, I believe Luminisce is the best skin clinic for me. All their staff knows what they're doing, and Dra. Kaycee is so hands on with her patients. After the treatment, I noticed that I was glowing again. I even went home with  a Luminisce sunblock and she told me to use it every 3-4 hours. Now I realized that I should also be dedicated to my face and really do "skinvesting". 

To know more about Luminisce, you can visit their clinic at 32nd Street, 4th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Follow their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/luminisce. For inquiries and to book an appointment, you may call them at (02)511-8500 / 09159794661. 

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