Monday, July 27, 2015

Comfort zone - that's how I could describe Classic Savory when it comes to my family. So many years back, their Escolta branch is our go-to when we need to dine, especially when we have visitors coming over. It is also the reception when my baby brother was Christened. So many memories, and a number of timeless dishes - that's how Classic Savory is to me. 

Fast forward to 2015, Classic Savory maintains to serve Filipinos from all walks of life with their sumptuous meals. This has also been the raison d'être why a postwar restaurant serving timeless dishes would live on to become a favorite place for diners, who wish to bond and create special memories over hearty meals and great conversations. 

Classic Savory was established by the Ting Brothers in the 1950s post-World War II era as a single establishment serving chicken and lomi in Escolta, Manila. Classic Savory is now one of the country’s most loved restaurant chains with 80 branches nationwide and the  perfect place to treat your family and friends to timeless gustatory treasures.

Wanting to introduce the eatery to young foodies, the second generation of Tings, co-founder Antonio Ting’s son Ramon, relaunched the restaurant six decades later, in 2007, and situated more contemporary looking outlets in major malls (SM, Ayala Malls and Robinsons). The third generation of Tings, Ramon’s nephews and nieces, would help run the business as well.

Since then, Classic Savory has become a popular hangout of families and barkadas who wish to satisfy their cravings for reasonably priced, feast-worthy meals. 

Classic Savory Marketing Manager Dennis Ting said, “Classic Savory has a long and rife tradition of serving Filipino-Chinese gustatory treasures that have stood the test of time. We shall continue to provide excellent dishes that would serve as perfect backdrops for cooking up tasty memories created among family and friends, and all groups of diners for that matter.”

Not only for dine in or take out, Classic Savory also brings their delectable dishes to your home parties and office events via caterings and deliveries. It has in fact become the preferred takeout food in some offices and catered meals in several home gatherings. 

Each of Classic Savory’s time-honored signature dishes, which include the Savory fried chicken, lomi and pancit canton, has truly become a must-try among the restaurants’ new and longtime patrons.

Tender, juicy and tasty, Savory Chicken is the quintessential centerpiece of many feasts where families and friends create special memories.

Lomi was the main dish that the first-ever Savory would serve way back in the 50s. Its hearty thick soup and tasty noodles aptly made it the standard for delicious lomi, then and now. Another noodle dish that is to die for in the eatery is its delectable pancit canton, which combines saucy noodles with a generous serving of freshly cooked veggies, seafood and meat. 

The Savory Chicken, meanwhile, has been a favorite of generations of diners, with its mouth-watering goodness making it the ultimate comfort food. Just like what its tagline says, it’s tender, juicy and tasty! Made even more heavenly with its delicious gravy.

No wonder balikbayans make Savory Chicken a coming-home treat as they miss its unique flavors while abroad. It has also become a perfect centerpiece of several celebrations like birthdays, christenings, and even weddings.   

Aside from these time-honored classics, the restaurant also came up with new dishes that have been equally well-received by its patrons.

Relish appetizing courses like Lechon Macau, Crispy Patatim, Imperial Beef Tenderloin, Beef Ampalaya, Veggie Lumpia Fried, Chopsuey Con Lechon, Beer Battered Crispy Fish Fillet, Steamed Fish in Garlic, Shrimps Relleno and Crab Foo Yong, among other dishes. Not to mention delightful desserts like Almond Fruit Float, Black Iced Jewels, Pandan Fiesta Salad and refreshing drinks like Tropical Cooler and Blended Iced Tea.

With its superb menu selections and welcoming store ambience, diners will surely find Classic Savory the perfect place to bond and share great dining experiences. Truly a classic that create long-lasting gustatory traditions and memories!

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