Unboxing the MAY BDJ Box

My BDJ Box arrived on the first week of June. This is my second box and I am very excited when I received it because it's bigger than the one I got before (and definitely heavier!) For Php580, the May BDJ Box holds a lot of items that I could really enjoy using. So, shall we proceed with the unboxing?

The May BDJ Box is called, "Kiss Dry Goodbye". Because we're saying goodbye to the dry and hot weather (Hello, June! Let it on with the rain, please), the contents of the box helps in maintaining your freshness and having a special glow, from head to toe. 

1. Aloe Derma Pure Aloe Vera Gel (45g.)

This is actually the first time I'm hearing about the brand, but it says that this multifunctional skincare product is composed of 99.7% organic aloe vera extract. It helps you protect skin from dryness and is perfect for the humid weather. 

2. Colgate Optic White Plus Shine (100g.)

I've always been hiyang with Colgate, and I know that this is no exception. Colgate Optic White promises teeth whitening after one week. It contains gentle micro-crystal particles that help polish teeth and make it shinier. 

3. Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete Whitespeed Multi-Action Brightening Scrub (50ml.)

This, I can't wait to use. Did you know that by using this Brightening Scrub, you can get 1 tone fairer skin in just 1 wash? This is also perfect for sensitive skin and easily rinses off your face. 

4. Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete Whitespeed Multi-Action Whitening Serum Cream with SPF19/PA+++ (50ml.)

After cleansing, you can use this cream because it has a Whitespeed Serum that quickly absorbs into the skin. It promises to make your skin into 3 tones fairer, making dark spots disappear. 

5. Himawari Dear Beaute Oil in Shampoo and Conditioner (10ml.)

This Japanese product prevents dryness to your locks. This is perfect for my hair because I don't usually get treatments and put chemicals in my hair.

6. Pure Savon Rose Blend Scent & Classic Floral White/ Lily Scent (8ml.)

Pure Savon Rose Blend and Lily Scent will help you achieve smoother skin.

7. Cure Natural Aqua Gel (3g.)

The Cure is Japan's number 1 exfoliator. Tried this in almost all of BDJ Box events and I've seen how effective this product is. I love how this removes dead skin. 

8. FS Powder Blush (6.2g.)

I absolutely love receiving makeup products, and this blush became an instant hit for me. This is actually a Preview Magazine Beauty Award Winner because it blends smoothly into the skin. What I love more is that it has Vitamin E for an extra boost of hydration. 

9. Nivea 3in1 Exfoliating Wipes (20sheets)

As a commuter, the Nivea Exfoliating Wipes will help me fight off dust and dirt, while exfoliates skin impurities within seconds. It has a mild scent and soft after effect to the skin.

10. Dermal Masks (3 sheets)

Using these masks will help you restore tired, dull skin and gives a healthier glow to the face. It has 36 variants that addresses different skin concerns. I got the Strawberry for convergence, brightening and refining; Pomegranate for firming and moisturizing; and Platinum Collagen for firming and brightening.

11. Cetaphil Daily Advance Moisturizing Lotion (14g.)

Cetaphil Daily Advance Lotion is perfect for all over body use and acts even on the toughest skin. It's non-greasy and fragrance free, so it just glides all over your skin. 

So there, I think this is one useful box, since I gave away some of the stuff I got from the box that I bought last year. And this one is pretty hefty too, so I'm one happy girl. Summing this up, all items can cost you less than Php4,000, which I only got for Php580 so its value for my money. 

For more of these products, and to get your own BDJ Box, you may visit their website at www.bdjbox.com

This is not a paid post / review. Subscribed to BDJ Box last March and was scheduled to receive the May Box. 

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