Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Many can attest how I love anything Korean. I absolutely love their songs, places, drama and movies. That's why I was so glad when Ode to My Father, one of the blockbuster films in Korea will be shown  in SineAsia Film Festival  this June 17.

Ode to My Father is a highest grossing family drama in South Korea. And just in time for Father's Day, this record-breaking film is a must see, for you can experience different emotions. The film tells about Duk-soo, a simple man with an extraordinary story during the 1950's Korean War.

During the war, Duk-soo faced a difficult role in such a young age. Trying to escape Hangnun province, his family got separated while getting into a ship going to Busan, South Korea. But before the ship left, he also promised his father that he is now the head of the family, should they not see each other again. 

From Busan to Germany to Vietnam, Duk-soo provided for his family and worked very hard to give them a comfortable life, as what he promised his father. Will Duk-soo see his Dad again? Make sure to watch Ode to My Father at the SineAsia Film Festival, shown at SM Cinemas only.

Ode to My Father is directed by JK Yuon, and stars Hwang Jung-Min as Duk-soo, Oh Dal-Su as Dalgu, Duk-soo's best friend and  Kim Yun-Jin as Youngja, Duk-soo's wife.

Witness this very heartwarming movie and bring tissues with you, because you surely will be crying all throughout the movie. 

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