Thursday, April 09, 2015

Selfie with my boss!
I can now consider myself a workaholic. Ever since I had the promotion (and since this year), many things have been tasked to me lately. And that also includes working on holidays and non-working days. This has been the first time I had to go to work during a holiday and I'm just lucky that my bosses are very supportive whenever I do.

Today is the Day of Valor in the Philippines and I had to report because I have lots of paperworks to finish. Okay na rin, because it's a double pay over time and Sir Ciejay also went to the office and we even had lunch together. It's also not hard to commute because the roads are so wide, and the boyfriend fetched me from work, so it's a win-win situation for me. 

I'm more happy that I my phone didn't rang a single time, for tomorrow, regular operations resume and I'm sure that branches would be calling me again. Sometimes, unahan pa sila. Welcome to my life.

And to prevent myself from going crazy in doing my reports, I had the Spotify on instead. I love this app because it makes me listen to acoustic music and it mellowed my crazy world. I love acoustic music when working. Anyway, I'm planning to put 200l so I can also play music at home again. I miss playing the guitar. Maybe this summer, I can put more talents to good use. 

Overall, it's a holiday well spent. At least I got ahead with my reports. I may not have finished it still, but I'm happy today.

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