Thursday, April 09, 2015

I can't live without music. Every morning, I always have to hear my favorite songs because it helps me wake up fast. During events, karaoke is a must, because my family just loves singing. Whenever my boyfriend picks me up from work, I need music to keep things light when we go home. And good thing, I found superb stuff from Samwon, X12 and Mickle.

Samwon Entertainment distributes Home and Audio Video Entertainment equipment in fair prices. Their appliances give value to your money, and are sure to be long-lasting and efficient. Here are just some of their product offerings:

Samwon and Proline has Car and Audio Entertainment systems that you can enjoy. These high quality products will definitely make your driving more enjoyable. I'll let you in a little secret, the boyfriend and I loves singing our hearts out during a roadtrip, and Samwon's products are definitely perfect for us. 

Aside from amplifiers, Mickle has Audio Equipment products for music junkies. If I had one of these, I'm sure that I'll be jamming every week. But these professional products bring out the mixer in you. 

During the event, I also won a KTV Microphone. I used it at home and the family is enjoying it, as we speak. I love how clear the sound is, and unlike other microphones, our voice is not at all garbled. This microphone is a match made in heaven. 

One of their products that I would also love to have is the Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with Speakerphone. This was tested during the event and it is best for pool parties (and a klutz like myself). Now you won't ruin a perfect swimming party just because you have to find an outlet for a speaker, just using the Waterproof speaker makes a great sound system. And the best part is, it is affordable for only Php1999. 

Music is now within reach with Samwon, X12 and Mickle appliances. These products are also available in Lazada, for effortless shopping. To know more about Samwon Appliances, you may visit their Facebook Page here or through their website at

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