Friday, March 06, 2015

Last Christmas, our boss, Ma'am Anna gave us a dainty and floral bag. When my friends saw it, they instantly said that it fits my personality because it's pink and  well, pink. I finally decided to use it because March finally arrived and it's perfect for a summer date. 

No matter how small it was, I couldn't believe that my things could fit in. So here goes my "What's in my Bag: 2015 Edition. 

Bag from Marks & Spencers (Not available in the PH)

Left to Right: Floral document organizer from Daiso, Pixy's Romantic Poem Eyeshadow, MAC Lipglass, NARS Dragon Girl Lip Pencil, Maybelline Shine Free Powder, Revlon Haute Pink Blush, Monopoly Deal Card Game, Samsung External Battery Pack (designed with washi tape), Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy A5, Hunter Sunnies, Pen, Sharpie, Bracelet from EGG, H&M Red Wallet, House Key, Card Organizer and my 2015 Belle De Jour Power Planner. 

My daily essentials are all there. I bought the Daiso document organizer because I hate it when important documents are outside my bag, and this also holds the gift certificates that I have. It's also handy when people give out business cards because they're all organized neatly. Since I'm so OC, I need bags and even drawers that hold much of my stuff. My next project is to have a rev a shelf to create more space in my room. Hopefully, I can also show you my room someday, but I'm still trying to redecorate it first. 

How about you? What's usually inside your bag? Show me so we can compare notes.

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