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Malabon Tricycle Tours!
Some of my friends in high school hailed from Malabon. And even though it's close to home, I never really had that much interest in exploring the city. (I only know that our bank has two branches there) But last Saturday, we were invited by the Malabon Tourism to try the Malabon Tricycle Tour, which features going to Heritage Sites and Foodie Destinations, and I immediately said yes! I got excited because I would finally get to know this city, where Pancit and Zoo is most popular for. 

As I mentioned about pancit and the zoo, I found out that there is more to this charming city. Their current Mayor's favorite color is pink, and his wife is a chef who is also hands on with the happenings in their tourism projects, and one of them is the Malabon Food Tour. This program is meant to boost their tourism by generating more jobs for the tricycle drivers and food establishments in Malabon, while the guests know more about the city and filled with homegrown dishes.

San Bartolome Church
Our first stop is the San Bartolome Church. Located at the heart of the city, this 400-year old church is a must visit, especially the Visita Iglesia season. Old churches fascinate me, and this was no exception. Outside, the tricycles are waiting for their guests. The Malabon Tricycle Tour is Php600/pax and will take you to six food establishments that you will surely enjoy. 

Lugaw with Chicken
First Stop! 
After settling in our own tricycles, our first foodie destination is the Lugaw Xperience. Our first stop is established in 1984 by Mr. Renante Pangan, and is a family business. This place closes after two hours because their lugaw usually runs out after 11AM. The Php40 lugaw is included in the tour and you can choose whether you like the chicken or balun-balunan.

Ibaviosa House
This is not included in our tour, but since its across the Lugaw Xperience, we also visited the Ibaviosa House. If you would opt for the Heritage Tour, they will take you here because it's one of their old houses and also the factory of the famous Rufina's Patis. The film, Ang Tanging Ina was also shot there. 

Hazel's Puto Pie
White and Fluffy Puto Pao
Our next destination is my business. Nah, I'm just kidding! Seriously now, we went to Hazel's Puto next. After posting in my Instagram Page, my friends were already sending their comments that they love the puto there, and they were absolutely right. Hazel's Puto has three kinds of product, the Regular Puto,  Puto Pao  and Puto Pie. 

Just a few blocks after Hazel's is Jamico's Restaurant, where you can taste the famous Judy Ann's Crispy Pata. Jamico's Restaurant has been in Malabon since 1972 and it is also a family business. They are famous for their Crispy Pata (Regular Php500; Jumbo Php550), Shrimp Embotido, Chicken Pandan and Tortang Crab Meat. 

Jamico's Restaurant
Judy Ann Crispy Pata
Tortang Crab Meat
Shrimp Embotido
Their place used to be a single floor establishment but since more people are coming in, they decided to expand and can now accommodate parties or events for 100-120 people. Asked if they wanted to open up a branch outside Malabon, they firmly said that they wanted for people to visit them where they started. I must say that it works because their Crispy Pata is really exceptional and you would really come back for more.

Dolor's Sapin Sapin
The Pin Wheel
Kakanin anyone? The famous and original Dolor's Kakanin is part of our itinerary. Their store is established during the Japanese occupancy, and their products are different from most kakanins because it "melts in your mouth". Using only the finest and quality ingredients in their kakanin, they also use a secret technique on how they mix their products. Other than being famous for their sapin-sapin, they also offer relleno, pichy-pichy, puto and the like.

Nanay's Pancit Malabon
Different Bilao Sizes
What's the point of going to Malabon if you can't taste their pancit, right? Our fifth stop is Nanay's Pancit Malabon. Their restaurant is small, but you'll surely be full afterwards. Their Pancit Malabon is the yummiest I've tasted, and they don't scrimp with their ingredients. Now I can say that I've had Pancit Malabon in Malabon. 

Betsy's Cakes
Lastly, we went to Betsy's Cakes, where they have sumptuous cakes and their well-known Broas. I love broas, I remember buying a tin can full of it but it was so hard to bite into it. Betsy's Broas are soft and flavorful. They even have a new variety, the Ube Flavored Broas.  

Hop in, shall we?
How was my Malabon experience? It was truly a gastronomic and educational one. I remember my idol, the late Susan Calo-Medina's line in Travel Time, "Wag maging dayuhan sa sariling bansa. I believe that we should all discover Malabon City's heritage and all the good things from our ancestors. Plus, this is a tour that would definitely not break your budget because you'll go home full and even bringing pieces of the city with you. 

To know more about this tour, you can Like them on Facebook at or contact Malabon Tricycle Tours at (02)281-4999 local 1003 / 099899654761 or visit them at 7th Floor, Events and Tourism Team, Malabon City Hall. 


Just a little info.. Ibaviosa's house is owned by Mrs. Edna Ibaviosa, owner of MALABON PATIS and not Rufina Patis. Lucas Family is the real owner of Rufina Patis. Thanks


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