The Food Club Brings Out The Foodie In You

Ask what's my favorite food, and I won't answer you right away. Ask me what kind of cuisine I like and I'd probably tell you more than three. I'm a proud foodie, and last week, I discovered a club where foodies unite. THE FOOD CLUB at Unit E, BluebayWalk, Pasay City can bring friends and families closer together and makes you experience a unique dining experience - as if you're inside a classy hotel.

The first time I entered The Food Club, I noticed a homey feel, yet it looks just like a hotel's setting. Not only is it spacious, but the buffet choices are neatly lined and will make you try their vast array of sumptuous food. What I love most about their food is that you'd know how fresh their ingredients are. And if you have a dish in mind that are not offered at the buffet spread, you can ask them to cook it for you, depending on the ingredients that they have. But remember, they will never say no to your request, so prepare to be amazed with this lifestyle buffet. 

The Food Club has four major kitchen stations - Asian, Western, Cold and Dessert. In the Asian Station, you'd find the dishes from Singaporean, Japanese, Thai, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Malaysian and Filipino. My favorite is, of course, Japanese because they have many sushi choices. You can also find a dim sum section, a shabu-shabu section and authentic Chinese hot food that I always see in movies. 

Meanwhile, the Western Kitchen Station features the dishes from Europe and America. Here in this section, I could never get enough of their tender steak, turkey and lamb. You can even customize your own pasta and have slices of pizza, as if you're in Italy. 

The third station, the Cold Kitchen lets you make your own salad, nachos and sashimi. They also offer a lot of seafood choices like oysters, prawns and red crabs. I also love how they have many choices in dressing and how fresh their vegetables are. 

Lastly, the Dessert Kitchen Station will bring out all the sweetness in you. They have generous choices in cakes, pastries, candies, and even a taho server. Their breads are freshly baked and they have imported cheese from different parts of the world. 

To say that I enjoyed dining at The Food Club is an understatement, because I loved every minute spent here. Not only did they surpassed my expectations with their food choices, I also applaud them on how affordable their rates are, despite the size of their food spread. Weekday Lunch only costs Php650, Weekday Dinner is Php850, while Weekend Lunch or Dinner is priced at Php950 only.All prices are inclusive of tax and subject to 5% service charge. Kids from 5 years old and below is free of charge, while 6 years old to 11 is half the regular price. 

They also have an ongoing promo for birthday celebrants where the celebrant eats for free, three days before, during and three days after their birthday, provided that they are accompanied by one full paying adult. Or you can celebrate the whole month, but make sure to bring three full paying friends or families with you. 

For couples, they also have a Wedding Anniversary Promo, where they could get a discount according to their year of anniversary. For example, my Mom and Dad celebrated their 30th year, so it means that they'd get a 30% discount. Cool right?

So bring your foodie friends and family at The Food Club now and get to experience a buffet like no other. Reserve now through email at or call them at 736-8001/ 779-8673/09064281669/09983133246. You can also follow them at

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