Monday, November 03, 2014

Hanging out with my boyfriend most of the time, he's urged me to explore and watch movies that are not my usual thing. And that is why I was so excited when SM Cinema and ePlus Tap to pay invited me to see The Pirates, a Korean movie starring Kim Nam Gil, Son Ye Jin, Yoo Hai Jin and Sulli. 

Exciting news first. ePlus Tap to pay holders just have to bring their card to avail of 50% off when they see this movie. Isn't that cool? This is shown at selected SM Cinema and part of their cinExclusive program. 

The Pirates is a story of the never ending adventure of bandits and pirates. While an envoy is travelling from China to Korea, an accident struck where the royal seal was swallowed by a gray whale. With a great reward being offered for the return of the seal, Jang Sa-jung leads the search with his group of mountain bandits when they encounter female pirate captain Yeo-Wol on sea. Join Jang Sa-jung and Yeo-Wol on a sea adventure as they search for the gray whale and the royal seal.

I didn't know that this movie was absolutely funny. I thought this will be a complicated movie because I have to read the subtitles, but their puns are really well thought of. If you're a fan of Captain Hook and Robin Hood, this is kind of  like it, with a touch of Gangnam (or Korean) style. The fight scenes would also give you an adrenaline rush. My favorite character is Son Ye Jin's because its not everyday that you see a female pirate right?

So rush with your friends and see the Rated PG film. And while at it, see it at the Director's Club Cinema where there are comfy chairs and overflowing popcorn. See the trailer of this movie here:

To know more about The Pirates, visit and see more of their upcoming movies this November.

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