Saturday, September 13, 2014

I am guilty of not being able to take some time and smell the roses. With work, events, blogging, demanding clients, I feel as if my 24 hours is not enough. Maybe it's causing me to look haggard and unhealthy sometimes. Good thing Sangobion and its Go Love Life! campaign tries to change all that. I've blogged last May about their launch and now, they are still helping us women to make our health and well-being a top priority. That way, we will all live the life we love 

On social media, Sangobion challenged women to make a pledge to change for the better. Through an online promo, many women submitted their own pledges, while also promising to take Sangobion everyday. And last August 16, these girls were treated to a beauty day courtesy of Shu Uemura and Blo Blow Dry Bar. Forty of them had the chance to have a hair and make up sesh by expert stylists and gifts from the brands. We also had the chance to witness the event and it was so fun. I felt refreshed already! While Sangobion helped us stay healthy on the inside, Shu Uemura and Blo also helped us look as good as we feel. 

Unlike other iron supplements, Sangobion has Ferrous Gluconate, an organic iron, which is absorbed better by the body to help fight the signs of iron deficiency such as paleness, fatigue, dizziness, and lack of focus and concentration. Each capsule is chocolate-scented that leaves no iron after-taste. Sangobion also contains essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, Folic acid, Vitamin B12, Copper, and Manganese to build healthy red blood cells and immune system. It also contains sorbitol which acts as an anti-constipation agent that generally occurs in iron supplementation. Taking Sangobion everyday can help you boost your iron, so that you can look and be at your best. 

Aside from taking Sangobion daily, the brand ambassadors all agreed that it was important to have some me-time every now and then. Whether it’s just 5 minutes a day to relax and meditate, or to spend a whole day at the salon and get glammed up like the 40 promo winners. Though it may be difficult to find the time to take care of yourself, it can definitely still be done. And if you missed this latest event, 

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