Sunday, September 28, 2014

Whenever I’m having a bad day, chocolates give me sugar high. Metaphorically speaking, I think if chocolates would run for presidency, it’ll win by a landslide. And now, chocoholics can feast on these mouthwatering goodies as all things chocolates await us at Newport Mall at Resorts World Manila.

As part of Resorts World Manila’s 5th Anniversary, a decadent selection of confections and treats to delightful chocolate infused dishes and masterpieces are showcased at Newport Mall’s Chocolate Festival. This is a non-stop sugar rush event that you sure would want to be part of. 

All set to give chocoholics a chocolatier dining experience are the different signature Choco creations made by the chefs of participating Newport Mall and RWM restaurants. 

Until the end of September, diners can enjoy the following chocolate dishes: Chocolate Maki Roll of Ginzadon, Pizza alla Gianduja by Prosperity Court, Tempura Ice Cream and White Choco Wasabi of Genting Club, Divine Souffle Trilogy by Impressions, Chocolate Truffle Surprise Cake by Red Crab, Choco Lava by Mariott Café, Chocolate Bun by Café Maxims and Double Chocolate Roll Cake of Remington Bar. 

You can also go local with Chocolate Trufle Buchi by Johnny Chow, Deep Fried Choco Buchi by Passion Restaurant, Iday- a suman dipped in chocolate fondue by Crisostomo’s. You can also try chocolate cocktails and concoctions at Bar 180, The Terrace, Bar 360, TWG Tea, Passion, Genting Club, Johnny Chow, Mariott Café and more.

The Plaza also transforms into a Chocolate Market, where you can avail different chocolates from the Philippines and all over the world, and other pastries that are infused with chocolate surprises. How cool is this market, right? I’m not sure if I’d still want to go home after all that sugar rush. 

Last September 20, a culinary exhibition was also held, where talented chefs created and carved masterpieces out of chocolate. We saw how they performed chocolate carvings of the popular characters of The Walking Dead, as a pre-Halloween treat. 

At the Ground floor, a Chocolate Exhibit is also shown for all the guests. Still made out of chocolates, sculptures of Filipino and American icons such as Dolphy, Kris Aquino, John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley will surely make you feel sugar awe. 

Visit Newport Mall’s Chocolate Festival now, only at Resorts World Manila. For more information, visit

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