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Throwback Thursday! Last night, my high school friends and I were group chatting in Facebook and posting letters we sent to each other when we were still attending school. It definitely brought back a lot of memories as we hit our puberty years, trying to make it good in school, having crushes, and battling problems as our body slowly changes. I wish Johnson & Johnson could have seen us that time, because now they are pioneering a shift in their philosophy by changing the mindset of teen girls about entering the puberty stage , and letting them have the confidence to show their real selves and the courage to see the real people behind them.

Clinical psychologist and teen expert Aileen Sison
Troubling societal phenomenon

The maker of Modess, Clean & Clear, and Carefree revealed today a troubling global statistic: 75% of adolescents aged 13-19 years old are growing up fearful adults, hesitant to show people who they are and to display their potential because they are afraid of being ridiculed or judged for their appearances. Teens fear that their peers focus on the external, bodily manifestations of puberty like pimples, menstrual leaks, and odors instead of who they are inside and what they can do. As a result, instead of sharing their own thoughts and ideas, having fun, or participating in socio-civic activities that drive personal progress and development, they often choose to tuck their heads in a corner and stay on the sidelines.  

J&J brand manager Gabrielle Solomon
“Our children are growing up in a world where they feel embarrassed and concerned over bodily changes that are actually normal and manageable,” said Gabrielle Solomon, Clean & Clear brand manager. “These teens will grow up thinking that having pimples, wetness, or menstruation stains are embarrassing and that having these prevents them from pursuing the opportunities available to them. They will think that so long as you are not the traditional, flawless kind of beautiful, or if you don’t work hard to hide your flaws, it will be difficult to stand out and show the world the real you.”

Host and MYX VJ Joyce Pring chats with representatives of the Makati High School student council and clinical psychologist Aileen Sison
I've been told that having my monthly period is no fun. You have to always stay put because they might notice it. Also, they say that having pimples make you ugly - don't pop it, it might scar your face. That mindset have stayed with me over the years and might have probably went on to other girls, but J&J is trtying to change this mindset by pioneering the "See the Real Me" campaign. Teen brands Clean & Clear, Modess and Carefree joined together so that teens may understand that pimples, oil, menstruation, and wetness should not let them stop what they are aiming to do, but rather, be milestones of a new chapter in their lives and a signal for them to show the world who they are and what they have to offer.

From taboo topic to celebrating puberty

Joyce Pring, Gabrielle Solomon, and Aileen Sison
“See The Real Me” takes on this new empowered mindset among teens by providing real role models—teen girls from the 25% of the population who have shown the courage to rise above puberty issues and are not afraid to move forward and show the world who they really are.  The campaign has also unveiled its official, self-titled anthem which aims to unify both segments and inspire them with its message.

The See the Real Me campaign kicked off with its first Teen-Powerment School Program
round in Makati High School
J&J also provides platforms to make the campaign easily accessible to teen girls. Through digital media, it will be showing video testimonials about real teens talking about the challenges they encounter and expressing who they really are. And through on-ground efforts, there will be various educational teen programs in-store, as well as the J&J See the Real Me Teen-Powerment School Program. After three decades of partnerships with schools nationwide, J&J elevates its program by going beyond physical education and digging deeper into the psychological, emotional, and social components. This school program will initially go to hundreds of schools in the country, with the drive to help give teens the courage to show their real selves and tell them that puberty isn’t something to be scared of – and, on the contrary, that it should be celebrated.

J&J brand ambassadors and online teensations Krissy and Ericka
Krissy Villongco, one half of the titular online sensation Krissy and Ericka, and Clean & Clear brand ambassador, said, “J&J goes beyond the movement of increasing self-esteem by giving teens the courage to show their real selves. We’re really happy to be part of this campaign because Filipino teenage girls today need a strong support system. It feels good to know that J&J is making them and their emotional well-being a priority.”

During the official launch event of the campaign at Makati High School, the See the Real Me anthem was debuted and performed by Krissy. Teen psychologist from Cribs Foundation, Aileen Sison talked more about the importance of celebrating puberty and having the courage to say #seetherealme.

For more information, log on to Johnson & Johnson’s brand pages and see how it is inspiring teens to have the courage to #seetherealme:

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