Saturday, July 12, 2014

Oishi events are always fun! And this year, it’s even more exciting as if celebrates its 40th Year. What started with Oishi Prawn Snack and Kirei, now is a company with a wide array of delightfully unique snacks and beverages for the whole family to take pleasure in. And just like this weekend, the Oishi Snacktacular, where you can create your own “O,Wow” Snack happened at the Glorietta 2 Activity Center.

Last July 5 and 6, Oishi made us snack creators with the “Make Your Own Snack” booth. We were asked to choose 2 snack base choices, 2 flavors and we can design our own packaging. I chose the corn and potato fries, cheese and ketchup, and named it “My Snacktacular Chichi-RIA!” Creative, right? 

At the O-Twirl Booth, you can also make your own ice cream. I had the Vanilla Oaties as base, and put on Wafu and Pillows in it. I love how healthy this ice cream is. And because it’s made with my favorite Oaties, the ice cream is flavorful as it is packed with milk and oats. How swell it is to have an ice cream shop with Oaties and Choco Chug? Hi Oishi, maybe you can grant my wish? :)

One more treat that I enjoyed is picking your favorite Oishi Products. For only Php295, you can fill your big Oishi bag with their different brands. It’s so cool right? We also tried the Jump Pack where you jump on the trampoline, as if you’re jumping out of an Oishi Pack. 

But of course, it wouldn’t be Snacktacular without its TEAM O! Ramon Bautista, Slater Young and Elmo Magalona went to all the booths and tried them as well. 

Performances from the Team O also excited the crowd. Elmo performed Kaleidoscope World again while showing the music video with the late Francis Magalona. His fans also went ga-ga as he held a dancing contest with five lucky girls.

But you already know what made the crowd go wild right? Oishi showed Daniel Padilla's Marty's #MedyoBadboy video and the girls were all screaming! He also sang Kahit Maputi na ang Buhok Ko. 

After Daniel's, Kathryn's SmartC+ video was up, and again, her fans screamed to their heart's delight. But what made them happier is when #KathNiel sang at the stage. It was truly an #OishiOWow Day for everyone. 

Oishi really knows how to throw a 40th birthday party! Did you know that Oishi started out by selling starch and coffee? Their company, Liwayway Marketing Corporation started with a Cinderella story. Expanding over the years, they now carry over 50 variants of snacks and beverages. That is definitely an O, Wow! moment, and one we enjoy presently. 

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