Monday, April 14, 2014

Are you that someone who thrives for adventure? Good news for the North peeps, because Ayala Land Inc. in partnership with Leonio Land introduces its unique summer getaway that spells outdoor fun and adventure in Porac, Pampanga. Are you excited? Well you should be because it opens today, April 12!

Last week, my sissie Nikole invited me to join her in this exciting place.  I was very into it because it looks fun and I was having my "challenge accepted" week. Their exciting attractions and activities are so intense, that it is the perfect getaway this summer for the whole family. 

We tried the Giant Swing first. Did you know that it is now the tallest swing in the Philippines? It  stands 10-meters high and I was among the first ones to try it. You can swing with friend or you can do solo. I'm not sure what is most exhilarating though, but I enjoyed being alone. How it is thrilling? You don't know when they will release you to swing. But it is definitely the fun part too. 

The Aerial Walk is a high rope adventure with added challenges.  I haven't tried this one, but it seems fun! And I'm sure that I could have lost pounds if I did.  

Sandbox also offers ATV and mini-ATV rides. It was my first time to do so and I was so floored by the experience. As the instructor said before I drive it on my own, you should first have presence of mind. I never thought I could do it, but I did! But always remember to be very cautious. 

And because I wanted to try everything, the Adventure Tower has a lot of things in store for us. It is a three in one fun - Wall Climbing, Rappelling and Free Fall. This 15-meter tower will hype and make you feel fearless. Because we didn't have much time, I just tried one ride, the Free Fall. It was such an adrenaline rush! And super fun! Now I am pumped to go back for more. For visuals, here's what happened:

Sandbox at Alviera never let the kids miss all the fun. They have inflatable pools, water guns, kite flying and kite making workshops for your little ones. They also have a kiddie playground, mini-golf and camping sites for everyone.

Bikers are also encouraged to go to their 5,000sqm pump track. It originated from the pumping motion used by the riders' body as they create momentum around the tracks. It is open for all bike types and skill levels. Cyclists, gear up!

"The experience at SandBox gives one a taste of what's to come upon the full development of Alviera. We envision Alviera to be the regional growth center of Central Luzon, complete with a commercial district, business and industrial park, university zones, retail centers, a country club, recreational areas and residential neighborhoods." said Mr. John Estacio, Alviera's General Manager.

Alviera is a 1,125-hectare property at Porac Pampanga (Near Clark Airport and Subic Freeport). You may visit Sandbox from Tuesdays to Saturdays, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. For booking guidelines, you may visit their website at and Facebook at

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