Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Have you tried asking Diego of "Ask Diego" a question? When I first posted a blog about him and asked him something about eating chocolates, he responded immediately. It was a random question and he sweetly answered that I have to share them. Coming from someone that young, Diego made my day. I'm pretty sure that his family, together with his Mom, Dad and sister, taught him well. 

Diego is the next big thing in the Internet. He already has 159K Likes in his fanpage alone. In his latest TVC, his whole family helps him answer the questions in his advice page. And he even answered in real time! What astounds me is how he has a strong reliable family-sized connection and managed to search for answers, while his parents and his sister also uses multiple gadgets at once. I believe Diego and I are similar. While I blog, my Mom also uses the PLDT Home DSL to get in touch with her friends abroad, my brother plays online games, and my Dad listens to music online. The limitless sharing is endless, my cousins can even use the internet when they visit our place. 

Now I'm pretty sure that there are more things to come with Diego. This little star is so talented and witty, he can amuse everyone with his answers. It's so cool that Diego has a strong and reliable internet connection because he can share his views around the world with so much passion. He's so young, and it's so adorable.

With the family-sized connection that Diego has, he can answer more questions (and creative ones too!) So fire away your best one now  and visit https://www.facebook.com/AskDiego. Be amazed at what he can suggest to you, powered by PLDT Home DSL.

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