Thursday, January 09, 2014

Hello 2014! 

The festivities may be over, but the goodness of the holiday cheer is still present in the country. In our home, we celebrated the Christmas and New Year with sumptuous dishes that were prepared by my chef-to-be brother. But what made it so special was the desserts made from Alaska Crema, for it brought sweet and savory goodness to everyone in the family. 

Last December 15, the Merry Crema’s Food Bazaar, held at Eastwood Open Park, showcased different dishes that has the elements of the Alaska Crema. Notable disc-jocks Chico and Delamar hosted the fantastic afternoon, filled with wonderful treats and they also went from one booth to another to see the unique treats.

We were also serenaded with traditional Christmas songs by the Intervoices Chorale, as they sang heart-warming renditions of traditional Filipino Christmas hymns; while, special guest Yeng Constantino provided mainstream entertainment for all with the best-known Christmas songs and carols.

Here are the yummy treats that caught my attention (and my mouth) that day. It was food tasting all the way!

Capping the night off was a fireworks display that lighted up the Eastwood sky. The spectacle was Alaska Crema’s delightful way of greeting everyone a scrumptiously happy and gloriously bright holiday season. It was Merry Cremas indeed!

How about you? Did you also spent the holidays with the Alaska Crema goodness? 

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