Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Holy Week for this year is about HIM. I may not be as devout as defined in the Webster's Dictionary, but I keep my faith along with my heart. And I think that's what matters, that you keep an honest and loyal relationship with God and yourself. Last Wednesday, I finally experienced THE WALKWAY: Reflections on the Stations of the Cross by Church Simplified, at the Bonifacio High Street. From March 24-31, it is open to the public for reflection and recollection.  

First Station: The Garden - The Garden of Gethsemane is where Jesus Christ decided to pray for His fate. He did not question. And He didn't have to suffer, and although He is afraid, He did it for us. The act for this station is to look at the mirror and think of the things you fear about. Then pray and tell God to let you face those fears with Him.

Second Station: The Betrayal of Judas - This station shows the greatest betrayal of mankind. Judas is not just considered as an apostle, but Jesus treated him as a friend. I am deeply touched in this station because it is about forgiveness. As personal this may seem, I have been betrayed by too many people in this lifetime. And although it may seem bitter at times, it is written that Jesus will speak for us. And by that, I know that He will make me forgive..Someday, somehow.

Third Station: The Trial - Did you know that Jesus Christ's trial was the most unjust trial ever given in history? There was no one to defend Him. He was given a very inhumane verdict. The act? Know your best bet this coming elections. Pray that He will place the right people in the seat- someone who is with integrity, honesty, and the values of a great leader. Someone who would be fair when everything else isn't.

Fourth Station: The Verdict - Pontius Pilate is now coined as the History's Greatest Coward. Sure, he could have saved Jesus Christ, but he distanced himself from the execution just to make the people happy. This station rewrites the story. The story of God's favorite human beings - the children. By donating just Php5, proceeds will be forwarded to WE International Philippines' "Sponsor a Child" program.  This little amount will help change lives, and change you to be a better person and not be a coward like Pilate.

Fifth Station: The Whip - This stop shows how Jesus is badly hurt when He was scourged. This torture is done just so we could be healed. He took our sins and placed it on His back. This station asks us to pray for yourself or someone you know who needs physical or emotional healing. 

Sixth Station: The Curse - In ancient times, thorns are equivalent to a curse. God made everything perfect, but when Adam sinned for mankind, the Earth got cursed and so man must pay the price. We were given a green strip of cloth to place at Jesus' crown of thorns. This is a pledge that you will take care of God's creation. Alveo Land also promised to plant 300 trees in the various areas of Taguig City. Now I wish we have that in Manila as well.

Seventh Station: The Cross - Jesus carried His cross to the Calvary. For about a half a kilometer, He was suffering as He was flogged at the back. His cross was for us to bear, but He did it alone. He walked on the road that we could not even pass on. Here, you can experience what Jesus has been through by carrying the cross. It may seem so mundane, but this is as close as to knowing His hardship just so we could be saved. 

Eighth Station: The Two Simons - This tells about Simon Peter and Simon of Cyrene. A contrasting story about a friend who denied Jesus, and a stranger who helped Him. My Simon of Cyrene is my friend Kath. When I was in dire need of help, she made it possible that I get back up from my sorrows. How about you? Who will you pray for in this station?

Ninth Station: The Crucifixion - Jesus is nailed to the cross because of  a motivation. The motivation was love, and the motivation is YOU. 


We were asked to write our sins using our fingertips at the red piece of cloth, then nail it to the cross. This part is very moving and I couldn't help but cry. The act says "Here at the foot of the cross, your Savior is reminding you that your sin is nailed to the cross - not in part, but in whole - and that you bear it no more.

You are FREE.

Tenth Station: The Mother - In His every step, Jesus Christ's mother, Mary, was there to guide Him, even in His death. But before He takes the last breath, He made sure to entrust His mother to John, a beloved friend. - Imagine a life without a mother. Seems daunting right? When I was younger, my Mom made sure that we see each other on weekends because I lived with my Grandma. I appreciated her sacrifices of going to Novaliches at night and going back to Manila after sending me off. I can never be the person I am now without my Mama. And even if we fight like cats and dogs most of the time, she knows that she's the person I couldn't live without.

Eleventh Station: The Promise - This station is about choices. Choices if we like to be with Him in Paradise or stay worldly. You have a choice. And you must do it wisely.

Twelfth Station: The Darkness - This is the point where Jesus commits His spirit to the Father. This is the point when all the light in the world has disappeared because Jesus died for us.

As we enter the tent, we were fumbling because we might stumble to the darkness. But then, Jesus' death became a promise that light will be given to those who ask for it.

Thirteenth Station: The Cloth - Jesus tells Peter that the work is finished. By laying the piece of cloth, Jesus sends the message that all these is done for mankind. This reminds us also that God will complete the good work he has for our lives.

For the act, we wrote the name of the person whom we feel has touched our life in a special way. And of course, I have written the people who matters to me a lot. I will be forever grateful that they are in my life, whether I am happy or sad. 

Fourteenth Station: The Invitation - You stumbled in my blog for a reason. And maybe, its because you wanted to see how the Walkway has touched me in a very profound way. Kudos to Church Simplified for making this possible. I will be forever grateful that you made me cry and be happy at the same time. 

As a special treat from The Walkway, you can catch the performances of Jars of Clay this Sunday, 7PM at the Bonifacio High Street Central. Happy Easter everyone! 

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