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I am not a person who dwells too much about politics. But I am always vocal about who I want and do not want to vote. I base my decision on their platform, and what they can do to help the country, regardless how big or small it is. Three years ago, I said that I voted for Adel Tamano. Sadly, he didn’t win, but now, I am thinking of including one of the most popular senators who is up for re-election, Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero. 

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During his six-year term, I'm not that sure how many bills he has already passed. All I know is he chairs the Committee on Justice and Human Rights Based on my research, I've come to know that he authored the Senate Bill 2817 or Enforced Disappearances, he filed Senate Bill 2106,“An Act to Grant Monthly Pension to Government Retirees under RA 161 Who Have Reached the Age of Seventy Years. As of this time, his name blossoms to more pending bills. If you would visit his website, I would suggest that his staff update us more often to know the man, instead of putting his ACLC and Frabelle ads. As my Journ professors would always say, "Information is power".

One of my favorite attributes when it comes to reading people is Integrity. Because politicians are people of the masses, I am hoping that rumors about Senator Escudero and now proclaimed girlfriend, Heart Evangelista is not just for show. People might think it isn't real (maybe) because of the age difference and we might remember the couple who got married before the electoral race. 

Is this for real or for reel?
Just this morning, this story about Chiz using Heart was the headline for a radio program's showbiz segment. If their relationship is for real, then I hope the timing is just right for them. I am not against love and romance, but hey, if a former president can have a trophy wife, how much more for a candidate of national elections? If anything goes, I wish them all the best. 

How about you? Are you listing the Pros and Cons of your election bets? Always remember that the key to a good government is in our hands, and who will we be putting into seat.


Not that we have the same family name and are somehow related but I too will vote for him. I couldn't afford to miss him in my list considering the betterment he has contributed to all of us.


Good point :) But I hope I can see more of his achievements when it comes to passing more important laws :)


I think I'm also going for him as he does speak well for the youth and have been critical in significant issues.


It's good that you're taking the time to research your candidates to make sure you're making the right choice. If anything, the transparency of our government has always been a bit of a challenge and just getting the most basic information is a struggle. Don't give up and keep at it!


Let's wait and see... Chiz's personal and public life seem to be more exposed now because of his involvement with Heart. He should be more careful with his actions this campaign period to win the HEARTS of Filipino voters. :)


I you will ask me whom i will vote this 2013, My number one choice is Chiz. From among the candidates, only Chiz is more vocal on significant issues affecting our country. Let us spare him with his lovelife... It is his personal and private part of his life. It is already not part of politics.


Chiz is my number one choice. He is vocal to significant issues that affect the country and stand to what is good for the motherland. His love-life is not part of politics and i don't want to comment on it. I am not part of Boy Abunda's Buzz team, you know :)


I would think twice when voting this man, he signed the controversial Cyber crime law and later retracted his statement saying he's too busy with the Corona case and signed without studying.. My goodness, would you sign any check without looking at the amount? are you that stupid to be duped again by this man again? His romance to heart is just a front to cover-up his mess. but for the sake of your sons and daughters and our future.. Dont vote for this man.


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