Monday, September 10, 2012

In a world where almost everything is digital, even medicine brands seek the help of social media and viral videos to sell. While some commercials tend to be funny, (i.e. Lesofat's "tinatago ang taba?" campaign) there are commercials that goes way overboard in portraying pain. I often feel squeamish when I see blood, or anything that's being exaggerated when it comes to pain. So when I was browsing Ms. Janette's post about Dynamics of Medicine Promotion Online and Offline, I got more interested in the effects of social media to these brands - that should only help relieve pain, and not encourage it instead.

With so many brands today, I noticed that one of the most active medicines in social media is Medicol. If you would LIKE their Facebook Page, you would see that they even held a "What's Your Headache Pose" contest. The campaign was successful primarily because almost everyone experiences pain or headache. And while some of their posts are funny, I noticed one wall post that says, "would you rather bang your head here or take Medicol?". And by that post, I find it rather off, that they're giving these kind of suggestions to people.

Take Saridon's case for example. The ad below is meaning to be funny, but if without proper guidance, children who gets to watch the TVC might think its okay to pound someone's head with a hammer and a nail.

Another video is this man's "stamping" in the head. They may be depicting physical pain, but we should know better to regulate these kinds of violence if shown in primetime or when kids are watching TV. But then again, its the parent's responsibility to explain that these scenarios are merely representation and should not be mimicked. 

Then I remembered the commercial above, featuring the Gutierrez brothers and their Mom. It may not portray violence, but the manner of the ad shows taunting and screaming. Yes, its funny to see Ms. Anabelle Rama screaming her lungs out, but they could have done it in another way, or ended it with how family members should treat each other.

I agree with Ms. Janette that we should seek the government's help in regulating ads like these. Its not enough that they have disclaimers because some people may overlook a 10 second to one minute ad. It goes as same to social media, because almost everything and everyone is in the Internet. If we are to research the medicines to take, it still would be best to consult a physician than what we read from the web because they know what's best for your health and they have practiced it for years.

How about you? What are the videos that you find rather exaggerated and needs regulating?


Social Media is a great help to any industry nowadays. Yeah I remember that commercial with Anabelle and the Gutierrez twins! Monster Mom si Anabelle!


I don't like the first two (especially the first one!!) cause kids might imitate and think that this is funny and normal. (which is bad) however since I watched that advil commercial, I found it really witty on how twins fought over a medicine (just like little kids fighting over candies) and how it was able to explain the efficacy of advil :)

But yes, commercial with violence should really be regulated :)


It begs the question of how far we need to regulate things since the violence presented in the ads isn't all that different from the slapstick humor we see in cartoons as old as Loony Toons and the like.

Yes, regulations can help but ultimately it's the home environment and the upbringing by the parents that will determine how children will respond to media.


For more impact, real life examples with highlighted expressions are used in ads/commercials. Most of the time people find it funny or witty, but the subtle hint of violence, gore and the like for me doesn't have to be present to make a point.

Consumers nowadays are more smart in their choices btw.


your right I also hate commercials giving false message to its viewers. To the point its so over exaggerated. I also hate it when they give false claims about a product that would make you slim or would take something away for a better and well you.

They should show commercials that is true and no so tiny disclaimer at the bottom that we usually don't get to read it while the commercial is playing.

That's why I don't allow my children to watch tv because of the effect of they will remember what they saw and the false message it gives.


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