Friday, August 03, 2012

“Sometimes, it’s not that bad to break the rules” – if there’s one thing I learned from Step Up Revolution, it would be to always follow what your heart says. The fourth installment of our most favorite dance movie premiered at Gateway Cineplex last July 31 and I was one of the lucky bloggers who saw it firsthand.
Before the movie was shown, a program from Gateway Cineplex 10, Energy FM 106.7 and Movie Punch entertained all of us. Our anticipation was floored by prizes from sponsors like Eskinol, Mr. Gulaman, Medicol, Magnifico Coffee, Renew Placenta and many more. It has been my second time to watch at Gateway and it is simply comfortable to watch movies there. Step Up Revolution has many action scenes (dancing) but I never felt awkward watching at their huge screen unlike other cinemas. Now I can’t wait to try their La-Z-Boy seats next. I’m sure it will be worth the experience.

Step Up Revolution goes into a different theme with The Mob – a dance crew that performs detailed flash mobs around Miami. Sean, the leader of the mob tries to make it big so that their efforts will be noticed all over the world. He found out that their neighborhood would be turned into a huge hotel expansion that will leave their family homeless. Just in time, he met Emily, an aspiring professional dancer and a hotel heiress, whose father is responsible of the said expansion. But as she wanted to be more skillful in her craft, she has to hide her identity to the mob, while trying hard not to dishonor her father. Watch out as The Mob tries to convince the government that their dance represent their way of living and how they wanted to get back their neighborhood and live peacefully as before. 

After seeing the movie, I was more appalled by flash mobs. Remember Friends with Benefits? I thought that it was the coolest thing, with Justin in it, but Step Up Revolution changed my mind. I loved how they staged a terrific performance at the gallery and even have detailed special effects. It’s also nice that other personalities like their DJ, Artist and Videographer was introduced. After all, it’s not just the main characters that matter.

As for the lead, Kathryn McCormick (Emily) looks a bit like Leighton Meester. Her dancing prowess was a bit sexy for me, but her fabulous body made me so envious. Ryan Guzman (Sean) is an eye-candy. For a first time actor, he was good in his role. The story lack a little bit of substance, but hey, it’s the dance were after for. And it’s a feel-good movie so I’m giving it four out of five stars.

Watch Step Up Revolution at Gateway Cineplex and discover how it’ll be a breath of fresh air for you. Bring your friends and family and discover what their Cineplex has to offer.

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