Sunday, August 12, 2012

Outfit: Pink dress: Thrifted | Bag: Mom's :) | Flats with Pink Bow: SM's Solemates
Happy Sunday lovies! Since I am about to spend my day at home, I decided to work on my backlogs. And boy, do I have many that are still piled up. Good thing I tinkled my camera today and saw that the Belle De Jour Passion Series: Get Gorgeous, that I attended last June 30 at Purebeauty, Serendra, was left unnoticed. So here's what happened to that awesome afternoon.

Unfortunately, Krystle and I got there late so we had only snippets of the talk from the Flawless Face from Clarity talk. The speaker shared the 1-2-3 steps on how to properly take care of your skin. 

Beside us are tubes of chocolate chip cookies from Bizu. I love how soft their cookies are. But of course, nothing beats their French Macarons. This is me remembering that I haven't used my BDJ coupons for this store yet. Maybe I should get something there on my birthday. 

After the first talk, the BDJ Girls won prizes from different sponsors during their facedance challenge. Cris (the winner) won something from Michelis but the other girls didn't went home empty handed. :) Another contest was to name 30 Purebeauty Brands. One lucky Bella won a make-up workshop class, while the other, a hair-styling class. So lucky! I tried memorizing them during the ride to the venue, but it has been so stressful that I forgot them all after. Just my luck. :P

Next speaker is Dr. Racquel Kawamoto of Clarity, about Beauty in Every Smile. She taught us about the proper dental care and how aesthetic dentistry works. You know, when make-ups don't work, smiling highlights your assets effortlessly. So show off your beautiful set of pearls all the time. 

For the last talk, we were acquainted with Purebeauty by Ms. Donna Andrada. Did you know that they are in exclusive partnership with Make Up Designory (MUD)? MUD is the only make-up school in the country that offers professional make-up artistry and offers internationally accredited diploma courses. So if you want to learn how to mix and match your make-up, MUD is the place to go because they are the largest in the US. 

And now, its make-up time! I found out that my high school classmate, Rea Arce-Pinpin is our speaker for the afternoon. I love how elaborate her tips are. My planner was filled out with the things that she discussed. Now we can never go wrong with the concealer, eye shadow, brushes, blushes and even the proper sanitation practices. To know more about her, or if you are looking for a really great make-up stylist, visit her site at

Melissa was chosen to have her make-up demo on. So lucky! I love how this can be a date look. Good job Rea! :)

After the session, we went through the Purebeauty Store to see what we can purchase. I wanted them all! But its just in Serendra, so I could buy more next time. 

Thank you Belle De Jour for this exciting event. You really love us Bellas that you want us all to be gorgeous.  Till the next passion series! :) 

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