Thursday, July 05, 2012

Last week, I was raving about how excited I am to finally know who will win in this season's Project Runway Philippines. Hosted by Ms. Tweetie De Leon, the finale was aired last Sunday at ETC and the judges had a tough time deciding who will win. And then the verdict got in and announced that my bet, MILKA QUIN REDOBLE was indeed the grand winner. 

Rewind to June 9, our lips our sealed as to what designs will be walking down the runway. We can't even take photos so its quite a suspense for all of us. Held at Sofitel Philippine Plaza, we got the chance to have the first look to the collection of the final four candidates, Nel, Cheetah, Amor and Milka. And I'm happy to say that win or lose, their designs are still winners for me!

First up at the ramp, here is some of the photos from Nel's collection that was inspired by the bubbles.(Photo credit to Mr. Ike Gube)

Meanwhile, Cheetah's collection was inspired by the wild safari, which was clearly indicated at the clothes.   I love how she interchanged the color of the model's shoes. Though I find it too Lady Gaga-ish, the judges hailed her as the Alexander McQueen of the Philippines. (Photo credits to Mr. Ike Gube and Mr. JR Rafallo)

Another one of my bets is Amor's collection. I loved how she made more party dresses for women. Some people find them bland though, but I think most of her designs are wearable and not that loud. I believe its perfect for conservative women. Her clothes are inspired by the changing of the rock formation. (Photo credits to Mr. Ike Gube and Mr. JR Rafallo)

The Final Runway was reserved to Milka, who eventually held the Grand Winner title. Her inspiration is the Musa or Banana plant. During the final judging, Rajo Laurel even mentioned, "Dahil sa'yo, naging class ang saba" (Because of you, the banana had a sophisticated distinction). And truly, her designs could very well compete internationally. Here are the photos of Milka's collection taken by Mr. Ike Gube and Mr. JR Rafallo.

So congratulations to Milka for winning the Project Runway Philippines Season 3. Catch the replays on ETC to see the finalists' journey to runway royalty.

Blue Dress | Kamiseta : Bag | Segue : Wedges | Thrifted
Oh and by the way, thanks to my partner in crime Krystle, for taking my outfit shot. Being surrounded by the beautiful dresses and awesome people is great! Thanks also to Jeman of Orange Magazine TV and Ms. Angela Robinson for the invite. :)

So what are your picks in their collection? Stay fabulous and runway worthy everyone!

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