Prepare to Get Amazed: The Amazing Spiderman

For so many years, I have this fascination with Spiderman. You see, he wears a mean unitard, he can kiss a girl upside down (and looks sexy in it) and he made his own costume while he was discovering his powers. I've never been a Marvel buff, so my boyfriend took the crown at that. And when he was scratching his head after seeing The Amazing Spiderman at Rockwell last Friday, I was very pleased of the storyline, the effects, the suspense and even the characters who played it. Thanks to Nuffnang for scoring tickets to this heart thumping movie. 

If you're kind of curious on who the blonde girl with Peter Parker is, its not Mary Jane Watson, but Gwen Stacy. According to the boyfriend, Gwen is Peter's first love. I loved how Emma Stone got the role for this film. You see, this "Pocketful of Sunshine" girl has been my favorite since The House Bunny and Easy A. Its a dead giveaway that I would definitely enjoy this movie because SHE IS IN IT. :)

While almost everyone cannot get over the fact that Tobey Maguire was replaced by Andrew Jackson, I am all in for the new guy. Tobey is beautiful in every way, but Andrew makes all the antics that make the klutz out of Peter Parker. And Andrew has the Amazing Spiderman butt, don't you agree?

The Amazing Spiderman for me is beyond amazing. I cried twice, especially the daddy issues and all that stuff. I adored his new costume because it seems scaly and shiny. I gasped at the scene where everyone cleared out for him to get to the tower, and how painful Gwen's face was when she assumed Peter promised something to her Dad.

My verdict? 5 Stars. Need I say more? I didn't expected anything, I wasn't faithful to any book this time, so I guess that's the recipe to enjoying a movie. Next up, another superhero movie is in store. I just hope I'd get passes to that too. :)

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