Thursday, May 10, 2012

That yellow fabulous bag

My boss and us officemates were talking about the spending habits of an employee just the other day. See, when your salary gets bigger, your expenditures eventually go higher too. We concluded that its because of the notion that "I deserve this and better". So last week was my 'I DESERVE' moment that I went dress crazy with my favorite store in the world - Forever 21. :)

Pink perfection
During Kara and I's retail therapy, I bought this pink and white striped dress for less than Php600. When it comes to all Forever 21 shops, I am hands down to the Megamall Branch. They never run out of fabulous outfits to sell. And I'm so happy that F21 caters to all sizes without damaging your wallet. Plus I've always loved the quality of their dresses.

This got me: hook, line and sinker
Anyhoo, the selling point of the dress is seen the back portion. Its just so unlikely to see a low cut version like these. This is my perfect summer dress. Well, just because it'll be cooler at my back once I wear it. Especially with the Metro's heat.

Polka lola!
The following day, the boyfriend and I decided to go to The Block to have dinner. And since I haven't been to the Forever 21 The Block store after its opening last April, I insisted to have a look at their selections. There are notable dresses but nothing beats the Megamall store. And I feel sad that my favorite Love and Beauty blush isn't available in all branches anymore. When I was about to leave the store, this black and white polka dot dress swooned me. Isn't it Jackie O-ish?

How about you? Have you visited F21 lately? Share your latest Forever 21 find too!  


I want the polkadot dress! :))


IKR! I fell in love when I first saw this :))


I like din yong polka dot dress, go Ria suotin mo na siya (^_^)


Thanks Glenn! Will definitely wear it this week. Then OOTD na hehe :))


Dear, you are lucky most of the dresses fit you. F21's dresses are too short for me. Anyway, I just ordered some stuff online and they arrived! Love them all, then also i bought some stuff from store:

will post my online purchases in my fanpage ;)


i posted a reply and i lost it! argh, anyway, you are lucky that most of their minidresses fit you. their minidresses are too mini for me. I bought f21 stuff online too! 12 pieces for less than $100! bargain!

but also bought some stuff in makati:



I love F21 because they have large sizes. Naku Ruth, kasya lang sakin because Im short. hehe :D you bought online? Saan? how? :D


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