Friday, April 27, 2012

Your perfect summer companion

To beat the scorching heat of the Metro, each of us has our own summer plans. For those who are not in stay-cation mode, the beaches of Boracay or the coolness of Baguio are the favorite places to go to. Or if you have planned way ahead, a trip out of the country is an option. For the camera-holics in us Filipinos, you would want something that lets you snap your photos and share it to your friends back home. With Samsung Smart Cameras, its wi-fi technology enables you to shoot and share within…SECONDS!

Mr. Arias talks about the Samsung Smart Camera
Last month, Samsung launched its 2012 Digital imaging product line up at the Rockwell Tent in Makati and was introduced by Mr. Ariel Arias, Samsung Business Unit Head for the AV group. First in line is the Smart Camera WB150F, the newest member of the WB line-up that features an impressive 18x optical super zoom that captures incredible detail of even distant subjects. At 14.2MP resolution and 3.0” LCD display, your summer photos are crisp and clear. Part of the package is its advanced optical zoom and you can easily share photos to your social networking sites like Facebook, Picasa, Photobucket or videos at Youtube by using its wi-fi capability. Now isn’t that easy technology? Since most establishes nowadays have wifi –connection,  you wouldn’t be needing those wires or laptop to post in online.

Now if this isn’t grand enough, the new Samsung SMART Camera line-up also demonstrates digital convergence with other gadgets. Its wireless Auto Backup function makes you easily transfer your photos in your PC without the cables. Using the Mobile link, sharing is a breeze.  “Sharing photographs taken with friends and family is one of the most enjoyable aspects of a photo experience. It’s more than about simply capturing memories – sharing is an integral part of the experience itself. Listening to our customers, we understood that being able to conserve memories by sharing images instantly was what was missing from the high-quality cameras that they trust. With this in mind, we added ground-breaking Wi-Fi functions to our zoom camera, building on the brilliant image quality that high-quality sensors and zoom lenses provide - now with the ability to share and save like never before,” shared Mr. Arias.

Aside from photos, the Samsung Smart Camera WB150F enables you to share videos in HD. It can capture spectacular scenery shots with a fantastic 720/30p HD capture, ensuring that once-in-a-lifetime experiences are captured in all the color and vibrancy that you experienced them in.

But wait there’s more! Its new long zoom camera gives you the best shots and makes you feel like a pro photographer with its A/S/M feature wherein you can choose among Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Full Manual Control.  You can adjust the shooting and lighting condition and its optical image stabilization can reduce blurry images from camera shake. Now you wouldn’t have to worry having unclear pictures ever again.

A toast for Samsung Smart Cameras
With Petra Mahalimuyak
Love it! :))
During the launch, Laureen Uy, Sam YG and Petra Mahalimuyak (Ashley Rivera) shows us the different features of the WB150F. Aside from what I have mentioned above, the three demonstrated the Live Panorama shot and the Split Shot. Since they have different lifestyles – Laureen Uy being the fashion stylist, Sam YG as the radio DJ and Petra Mahalimuyak as the Youtube sensation, it’s impossible how it cannot fit all personalities.

The Samsung SMART Camera WB150F is available nationwide and retails at Php 11,990. Oh and here’s the Picture Perfect Summer video by Petra Mahalimuyak to let you see how great this camera is and just how it’s a great buy for the summer time. 


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