Sustagen's Susy and Geno Reunite!

Susy and Geno FTW!
I have always been a fan of loveteams. And during my childhood, there's this one (love)team that my classmates and I would root for when they visit our campus. They would announce that we have to collect milk can caps, boxes and the like in exchange for a special prize. And after giving away lots of chocolate milk, they would show off their dance moves to everyones gusto. They are Susy and Geno of Sustagen, who suddenly disappeared just after I graduated Elementary. Who would've thought they would come back, and with a bang, this 2012?

See how they have new and old fans?
Last March 11, Susy and Geno finally reunite at the Market Market Activity Center. Months prior to that, Susy has put up her own Facebook page because she was in massive search for her long lost friend. Their fans, including myself, helped to search for Geno in all measures. I even blogged about it, in case he might be checking up our blogs.

We are the solid fans of Susy and Geno!
After a few weeks, Geno's video in a restaurant surfaced as he was having a date. Finally spotted, he then responded to Susy's Facebook page and scheduled to meet up. He even asked their long time fans to join in their eventful reunion.

Free drinks for all! :)
Fortunately, the two did not disappoint. Armed with a bouquet of flowers for Susy, Geno looked more dashing now while the crowd cheered with happiness that their idols are back. They even had placards and banners to support them. And again, free Sustagen drinks were given free to the kids. What made everyone cheer more was when they performed their dance number again. It really brought back my fondest childhood memories.

Blogger fans! :)
Susy said in her Facebook post, "this is only the beginning of bigger things ahead". For sure, there will be a lot of adventures from this fruitful reunion. To know more what happens next, keep on following Susy and Geno on their fanpage at How about you? Are you also a fan of this awesome team? :)

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