Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Excited to meet The Lorax :)
The Lorax speaks for the trees. Like the Climate Change Commission, he takes care of the environment as a guardian. So last March 17, a special screening at IMAX SM North EDSA was held for the children and young at heart to promote a healthier environment and to promote the latest educational video to be shown in all cinemas of SM and Ayala Malls.

The R.E. Troopers!
Climate Change Commission introduces the R.E. Troopers. They are the ones responsible for the air we breathe, the light that grows our plants, the soil that nourishes our crops and the water we drink. In the first video, we are introduced to its characteristics and who is the mightier that the other. After showing off their traits, they fused together and discovered that they are all important and their use is beneficial to all.

Everyone should care for our environment
The second video is about lighting a small town by using solar energy. When the townsfolk lost hope in having electricity in their place, two volunteers gave them the alternative to try solar power panels that give out energy. The small town rejoiced when they can finally have light during night time and was happy that their future generation can benefit from it as well.

As timely as the movie, The Lorax is a story about a boy named Ted who wants to get a tree for Audrey, the girl he likes. But as he lives at Thneedville, an artificial town where you buy the air you breathe and everything is made of plastic, finding a real tree is so difficult. His Grandma told him about the Once-ler who can tell him about them.

When he found the Once-ler, he told Ted about a long, long story of how the trees disappeared. And despite the warnings of the Lorax, he fails to filfill his promise and went overboard that it affected the dwellers of forest and the surroundings. The Lorax left him with a word "unless" and made him figure out what it means.

Will Ted see a real tree? And will the Lorax redeem himself from his mistakes? This very educational movie will make you laugh, oogle at the effects and get emotional. You will learn to be wary of your surroundings and take good care of Mother Earth.

With Ms. Earth-Water 2011
Again, thanks to the Climate Change Commission for screening this awesome film. Their videos also made us more aware in addressing climate change and taking care of our environment. After all, its not too late to speak for the trees and our natural resources.

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