Sunday, March 11, 2012

My ideal Nuffnang Summer is going to the beach and basking under the sun. With my morena complexion, I'm not that scared of getting darker skin. At first, I thought that sunscreen lotions are just for people who are fair-skinned, but with Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion, I found out that they protect you from skin cancer and sun exposure. Now I'm confident when they say, "Banana Boat Sunscreen Protection, We've got you covered."

And of course, why go to the beach exposed with too much hair? Even if your bikini's very expensive, its still best to strut them hair-free. So with Shick, free your skin!

So now are you ready for summer? I know I am! With Nuffnang, Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion and Shick, my favorite season will be more fun and its gonna be soooo HOT! :)

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