Thursday, January 19, 2012

I am excited for Summer! I miss the beach, the sun and the long-awaited vacation. And this 2012, Ensembles is starting the year right by hoping to meet more of its new fans as well as reward their long time loyal followers. They have exciting plans for us this summer and boy, it will be very worth it!

As the summer comes in a few more weeks, Ensembles is starting to make us feel the summer with fun, adventure and a great getaway.

An All Expense Paid BORACAY TRIP for TWO is in store for us! Join Ensembles Facebook Photo Contest this January 16 and reach for 20,000 Facebook likes. Once they reach the 20k mark, one lucky fan will be basking with her companion under the sun! All you have to do is upload a photo of you wearing your prized Ensembles outfit, tell them why you chose that photo and ask your friends to like it. Easy right? The entry with the best answer and most number of likes by the time they announce, wins!

To join the contest, visit Ensembles' Facebook Page at and  their Website at for the full mechanics.

Have a fun summer everyone! Join now! :)

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