Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mikey Bustos during the Bloggers Meet-up
Funny, Bubbly, Intelligent - these and more adjectives are used to describe Fil-Canadian Youtube sensation Mikey Bustos. What supposed to be a holiday vacation, Mikey is back to Manila as the face of Jack n' Jill's Chicharron ni Mang Juan. Last Tuesday, I was so glad to finally meet the guy I've been watching at my laptop screen for many months now, and I must say, I was so ready for fun, dinuguan! :)

Proud Pinoy!
Describing his last visit, as a "mind-blowing and amazing experience," Mikey can't help but feel happy to be back in his home country, surrounded by friends and loved ones. Presently, you can see him everywhere during TV guestings, but he has gone a long way since his viral "Pinoy Tutorials". 

Yummy Chicharron for everyone
After 19 videos (and more to come), he now endorses Chicharron ni Mang Juan, a snack that's truly Pinoy and proud, just like Mikey. But unlike the usual chicharon, their products are made of dehydrated green peas but with the look and taste of real fried pork rinds. So you can be sure that it is healthy and minus the cholesterol. They come in three exciting flavors - Espesyal Sukang Paumbong, Espesyal Suka't Sili and Spicy Sisig.    

Finally meeting my idol! :)
Chicharron ni Mang Juan and Mikey Bustos is a perfect match when you think of something Filipino. He says "its like a marriage" because of its old school Pinoy quality with a modern twist. Ms. Teree Eugenio, Marketing VP of URC Snack Foods even added, "A product like Chicharron ni Mang Juan calls for an endorser who is just as innovative and dynamic in his craft, but embodying the well-loved Filipino values that give life to our culture".

No doubt, Chicharron ni Mang Juan is the perfect snack for everyone. I love the big pack because its perfect for my whole family. Its really best during get-together or videoke nights. :)

Mikey talks about his craft and the product he endorses
Know more about Chicharron ni Mang Juan through its Facebook Page. Aside from his endorsement, Mikey Bustos also plays lead in Prison Dancer, his latest project. You can check it out through Twitter or the Prison Dancer Website


Funny guy! :D


Sobra! ang down to earth pa :)


wow you're so lucky to have met him!!! and to be honest, bagay nga sya endorser =D


So, you're good! I'm glad I saw your blog!


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