OOTD: Black and Silver

Its the first day of December! But I remembered how my friend Helen and I partied last 11-11-11 at the Smart X HTC X Beats launch at RepubliQ and wore my favorite little black dress that I bought circa 2008.

I had this dress with me years before I worked in the bank. Its story? My officemate Jenny and I used to pass by EDSA Central Mall and saw this cute LBD and paid way less than it looks. And since its "vintage" for me, I never thought that I could still fit in it. Imagine that I have already gained a lot of weight since that year.

For the detail, I loved the V-shaped silver and black sequins. See, Jenny and I thought it is expensive because during that time, designs like that are more popular with the high end brands. Looking back, I scored a really great deal with this dress. :)

This dress is worn with my floral wedges from Liliw, Laguna and a floral bangle from my Boss, Maam Emy. :)

Isn't it great to unearth a dress that still fits? Have you ever had that one particular dress too? 

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