Thursday, December 01, 2011

Floral and Nice
Our company's Christmas Party's going to be held early this month and our theme is "Naughty or Nice". I kind of stuck with the peg for nice since I'm more of a naughty girl. Thought I'd be nice this time :) I wouldn't post my dress just yet, so I'll start with my newly done nails (by yours truly, Yay!) for now. 

From my previous blog post, I bought two bottles of nail polish from Nature Republic. Since I've already used the green one, thought I'd change it for Saturday's party. Good thing I wasn't so clumsy in putting on the polish while using stick on nail art.

Nail arts are best of your hand isn't steady to paint
This nail art has been sitting in my nail care box for months. I think I bought this at 168 Mall for Php20. Not bad for a glittery design right? I loved using this nail art because it doesn't break easily. Tried something like this before and they're usually gone in a day.  For best results, put on a double coats of colorless polish to last longer.

I just noticed that its a flower on top!

As for the polish, I highly recommend Nature Republic products. They have eye-candy colors and cheaply priced at Php65.

I'm proud that I did my nails by myself. Do you have other nail art designs and places where to buy them? Please share them here :)


3D Nail Art stickers are not for me. I get so tempted to peel 'em off of my nails... lol


@Gellie: Haha! My boyfriend does that too! Whenever he wanted to piss me off, he'd ask me if he could peel them. :))


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