Sunday, November 13, 2011

I love nail art! Lucky for me, we had a free nail art session last Thursday during the GMA News TV Network's "Free Time". When we had to choose between manual or automatic, my friends and I chose the automatic because it looks fun and we had so many designs to choose from. So now I present you, Sumthin' Nails, the newest way to have cool and funky nails.

First up, you need to choose which design you would like to put on your nails. They have animal prints, flags, cartoon characters, oh, and you could even send them your own design. (Imagine having your face on your nails! LOL!) The nail art technician would put on a white base coat first on your nails, then use these black clippers and put them on your fingers. I think those have magnets underneath them because it will disable you to move your hands once they put them in the nail art printer. When your hands are already inside the machine, they will adjust your chosen design based on your nail size. See the picture above? The design is already in place because they have a screen to see your nails while its being printed.

When the design is already in place and your hands are safely tucked inside the nail art machine, the printing begins! Just like in paper, its like laser printing in your nails. I was so excited to see how it would look like because I have short nails but the design I chose was supposed to show three different kinds of flowers. 

After printing, they would clean the side of your nails because excess printouts would naturally show. I love how their assistants are so patient and accommodating. My whole experience was so exciting that I wish I could try their services again soon and bring my friends to a nail art party. :)


I so love the design that I picked. Even my friends are raving about it. And good thing I had an event the day after, that it goes well with my dress :) Visit Sumthin' Nails and get a nail makeover too! Their office is located at Unit 1006 ALPAP II Bldg. Madrigal Business Park Investment Drive corner Trade Ave., Alabang, Muntinlupa City. You may also check out their website at or Like their Facebook Page.


NOTD! Sobrang cute. Bring me to your nail art party! ♥


Hihihi! Ang nice no? Oo nga, I wanna have a nail art party, pero gusto ko maghanap ng sponsors. hehehe :))


Colorblocking even with the nails! :)) Loveit!

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