Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I love how Samsung's products are so innovative, from mobile phones to tablets and home appliances. And this October, they will launch their newest compact camera, the Mirror Pop MV800. How is it different from other cameras? Read on their press release below:

Samsung Launches Mirror Pop Compact Camera with new Flip out Touch LCD:

Samsung’s latest compact camera, the Mirror Pop MV800, builds on the worldwide success of its DualView LCD cameras, the first of their kind. 

The Mirror Pop, featuring a 3.0 inch flip-out touch screen that can rotate 180 degrees, was introduced at IFA 2011 and immediately captured the attention and accolades of local and global media. Samsung’s Mirror Pop enables users to take shots from various angles without being interrupted by background conditions. 

The camera’s improved “Smart Touch 3.0” and “Smart Filter 3.0” software enhance its user-friendly feature set.

The Mirror Pop’s Smart Touch 3.0 software allows users to freely delete and move menu icons for maximum usability.

In addition, users can place any photo or default image on the camera screen, making each camera’s display customizable and unique.

The Smart Filter feature, a popular user accessory on Samsung compact cameras, has been upgraded to the latest 3.0 standard with Cross Filter (expressing light from the sun and other sources in crosswise patterns), Comic (expressing comic images), Oil Painting, and Ink-and-Wash Painting effect modes. 

The Samsung Mirror Pop was designed for taking everyday photos from multiple angles with the design concept of “Life, From All Angles” In mind. 

With Samsung’s new 3D Shooting feature, users can view photos taken in 3D on TVs or computer monitors. The camera’s Picture in Picture function lets users take pictures of landscapes, and then insert their portraits into the landscapes. Users can freely adjust the positions and sizes of the pictures they take. 

The Live Panorama function enables users to take, share, and save wide-angle photos of landscapes and large groups in both 3D and 2D image formats. The One Push and Sweep function allows users to take photos on the move after setting their desired mode and pressing the shutter button. 

While users take panoramic photos, they can see what is being taken in real time through a separate viewfinder underneath the LCD screen. 

The automatic shooting function can be used when users have to zoom in or out while taking self-portraits or when shooting conditions make it difficult to change one’s shooting position. The Samsung Mirror Pop can recognize photo subjects and adjust for the best angle and focal length automatically. 

The Mirror Pop MV800 camera features a 16.2-megapixel CCD, a 26mm Schneider 5x optical zoom lens, and an ISO 3200 light sensitivity range.

The Mirror Pop also incorporates Samsung’s Dual IS feature, a synthesis of Samsung’s Optical Image Stabilization technology and Samsung’s exclusive Digital Image Stabilization technology. Dual IS reduces hand-shake and enables users to take clear, sharp images when shooting indoors or in lower-light conditions. 

The Samsung Mirror Pop MV800 camera will be available for Php14,990 this October.

Source: Samsung Press Release

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