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Blogapalooza Partners
The Blogapalooza last Saturday at the Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street was indeed a smashing success! The 150 bloggers and thirty plus businesses equals a whole lot of fun and networking among everyone. Kudos to When in Manila and DJ Vince Golangco for organizing this event, and thank you to Azrael for the invite.

Yup, there's my URL at the top. Too bad I can't reach it :))
Going at the fifth floor of the biggest Fully Booked, a large backdrop of Blogapalooza with the URLs of our blogs welcomed us to the venue of the first B2B (Business to Bloggers) networking event. I was so looking forward to it even if I was still getting the hang of our three day Banking Conference at Makati. A week before, I told my BDJ friend and fellow blogger, Helen of Lucky Citrine so she also joined me and we went to The Fort together.

Reunited with blogger friends :)
Of course, blog events are not complete without networking and meeting new and old friends! Blogapalooza is like a reunion of bloggers in the flesh. As a "ma-PR" person, I introduced myself to the bloggers that I only talk to at the blogosphere. I'm just so happy that most of the bloggers are really friendly like Hannah of Flair Candy and Ana of

With Earth and my Mommy Lariza
Meeting Eunice of Laces and Tiaras with Helen

And after too many comments on her blog, I told Ana that I would say hi to her that day :)
Yummy lunch from Italianni's
Italianni's provided the lunch for the event. Good thing because their pasta and meatball is my favorite. This day just gets better and better. There are also different booths at the activity area where they offer free tea, drinks and the like.

DJ Vince hosted the first Blogapalooza
DJ Vince Golangco of Mellow 94.7 and When In Manila also hosted the event. He introduced that they initially wanted to invite 50 bloggers and introduce them to companies who clamor the need for more presence at the online community. Then finally, they added up to 150 bloggers and were very happy of the response from their end.  

Second batch of Products

The companies who presented are as follows:
  • Avira - their anti-virus protection was represented by an umbrella. Just like during rainy days, full protection is important not just for the user but for your PC's as well.
  • Lay Bare - Lay Bare explained us the importance of waxing, beauty and wellness. For hair-free skin, you can avail of their different services.
  • Treehugger - Their recycled ballpens, pencils and highlighters are environment friendly. Even their plastic like cover in their products are made from corn. They are also partners with the Haribon Foundation in protecting the environment.
  • 360 Fitness Club - This I can't wait to try! For 30 minutes, they can provide you with a FULL body workout already. I also found out that they have a studio at Ortigas :)
  • Human Nature - I first saw Human Nature in Beauty Bar at Podium. Their products are Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor and Pro-Environment. I'm thinking of availing their beauty products soon.
  • Kameraman - Their Photos-to-go concept was a hit to the bloggers! Their roving cameraman can print your pictures instantly, minus waiting for long lines during photobooths.
  • Jap-OK - Jap-OK is one of the most affordable Japanese food in the Metro. But what interests me more is their resto-KTV at Starmall. MUST.VISIT.SOON! :))
  • Matabungkay Beach Resort - For reservations, their number is just as easy to memorize as a pizza company - 752-52-52. Do you agree as well?
  • Galileo Enrichment Program - Hate Math? Galileo teaches kids a new kind of learning. Using Singapore math, your children can solve and understand math problems easily.
  • EasyPha-max - I love wheat grass! My then boss supplied me one time with their wheatgrass coffee and I enjoyed it every morning. Its organic and safe. Plus they use the leaves and roots of wheatgrass so its sure to be healthy!
  • Fashion Art - Their tagline "Funky Fashionable Finds Fit for Fun Fab Filipinos" caught my attention. Wish I could visit their boutique soon.
  • LazerXtreme -  Their team wasted no time in promoting their product. Introduced by playing laser tag at the venue, now I wanted to play like Barney Stinson of HIMYM :) They are located at Market Market! and Alabang Town Center. Laser Maze anyone?
  • Aquabest - SHIFT HAPPENS. Now offering structured water that are perfected by technology.
  • The Boudoir Dolls - Want to flaunt your body in photographs wearing lingerie? Their glamour shots are the best and they celebrate the beautiful woman that you are :)
  • Freestyle Ballers - 3rd Year UA&P student Nathan Flores introduces snap-on watches and ballers that are positive, funky and fun. I simply adore the watch he gave us.
  •  Papa John's Pizza - Craving for pizza and pasta? Papa John's Pizza features better ingredients to a better pizza.
  • Tripologie - Life's journey is all about trips. They have travel bags for the chic, professional and backpacking travellers.
  • Healthy First - They have carrot juices that are healthy and organic. Another of their offering is the gourmet style fish.
  • Unilever - Do you know that when your hair goes directly with a balloon, you automatically have damaged hair? Unilever's Sunsilk Hair Weather Defense helps cleanse and moisturize damaged hair. They also presented the new Close-up product, Fire and Freeze toothpaste and Lipton Tea.
  • SPArkle - located at Paranaque City, SPArkle offers 5-star care in 2-star prices. Be transformed into a new you. (And get a new look so you can sparkle!)
  • Size Matters - Does SIZE matter? It does to me! As a foodie, large sausage burgers and hotdogs are a real treat. The makers of Size Matters love burgers so much that they decided to make their own restaurant and concept. Visit their store at Tomas Morato for yummy and LARGE burgers.
  • Golden ABC - They presented their three brands, Regatta, MEMO and For Me. Regatta now offers preppy collection and UAAP themed line, MEMO came up with their new corporate look collection and For Me helps us women to wear clothes according to our body shape.
  • Farmer John Potato Chips - new packaged potato chips are in town. Made from America's favorite potato, the farm fresh atlantic potatoes, Farmer John Potato Chips are prepared immediately after harvest. They come in 4 different flavors.
  • Oryspa - Oryspa products are made from bran (Darak). Their Home and Spa Solutions are all Filipino and rich in omega 3 and Vitamin B.
  • Phiten - their products reduces stress and tension. For health problems and ways to relieve pain, you can avail of their titanium necklaces, titanium bracelets and sports accessories at
  • Polecats Manila - their group started for the love of pole dancing. During the event, they presented a breathtaking pole dance presentation. If only I'm that flexible when it comes to poles. :))
  • Focus Ventures - They are standing in the midst of auto giants. Their automobiles are of high quality, multi-purpose, fuel-efficient and environment friendly
  • - For easy and secure online shopping, visit their site and get great deals. You can also pay online safely without ever going out of their site.
  • BlueWater Day Spa - Step into the world of wellness wth BlueWater Day Spa. Feel good in mind body and soul with their spa services fit for kings and queens.
  • HTC - They presented their two new products: HTC Sensation and HTC Chacha. HTC Sensation boasts of features like: scratch-proof, snap dragon processor, internal 4GB Memory, shock-proof and idiot-proof. Why idiot-proof? Try dropping the phone and you will never see a black or white screen. It still works exactly where you left off :) HTC Chacha on the other hand is so cute with its touchscreen and QWERTY features. For Facebook addicts like myself, there is a one-touch button to direct you immediately to your favorite social networking site.
All of these products really amuse me. I can't wait to use some of the GC's I got and the products I won from the raffle and from the loot bag. Wait for my different feature in the coming days.

Now that's what I call LOOT! :)
Thanks again to When In Manila for organizing this successful event. Now I can't wait for the second part of Blogapalooza in the coming months.


That was so fun! See you sa BDJ! :)


Woot woot! Ang daming loot! :) See you later Helen! :))


aww too bad we didn't meet! next time!:)


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