Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Manila Bloggers Reunite! (Photo Credits: Az Coladilla)
The biggest bloggers gathering in Manila came to life once again at the SM North EDSA Cyberzone last Saturday, August 20. With 150+ attendees, this educational event was a success. Hosted by Omar Itay and Flow Galindez, the Blogger Fiesta 2011 was organized by Az Coladilla, with the support of Blogger.com and other participating sponsors.

The Blogger Fiesta 2011 started at 1PM at the open area of Cyberzone, SM North EDSA Annex. I always make sure to attend events like these so I could gain more tips about blogging, search engine optimization, layouting and the like. Because hey, you can never be too young or too old to learn right?

The first speaker to take the stage is Az Coladilla of http://azraelsmerryland.blogspot.com/. He talked about "Blog layout and how to use Blogger template designer" and even provided tips on how to tweak your blogspot accounts. I find this useful since I use Blogger as a platform and the new designer is easy to use. I don’t need to look for blogskins anymore for a new layout or ask a friend to layout for me.

Juned Sonido of http://www.baratillo.net/ "Bloggers and On-line Promotions". He also updated us about the DTI issue that has been buzzing for weeks (or months) since it affected a lot of blogger giveaways and contests.

I am not a Wordpress user in my blog, but I write for http://www.juicyexpress.com/, which uses the said platform. Optimizing Wordpress for Search Engines by Jhong Medina of qclickcafe.com is useful because it provides a gist of on how to optimize your site.


Jonel Uy of http://www.letsgosago.net/, http://www.nomnomclub.com/, and www.bloggermanila.com talks about Brand Basic for Bloggers (The 4 C’s). It was a short but very informative talk about the four important aspects of your blog: Character, Content, Context and Creator.

“You are NOT buying webhosting space; you are buying PEACE OF MIND”, quoted Bob Reyes of http://www.turfsiteph.net/, on whether you should Host or Not to Host Your Own Blog. Honestly, it has been too long since I’ve been contemplating to make my blog a .com or .net. But let’s see if the budget will somehow fit the equation :))

With the most dramatic entrance, David D’Angelo, Cosplayer, Blogger and Social Activist, tackles Blog Personalities and Your Target Audiences. His talk never had a dull moment since he was in his Austin persona that time. But seriously now, the topic is helpful to bloggers to really now their blog niche and how they their personality adapts to their blogs. You may check his blog (and different personalities) at http://www.theproductsblog.com/ and http://www.pagodkanaba.blogspot.com/.

TV 5 and Unbox.ph’s Carlo Ople discussed Blogging Powered by Social Media Steroids. He gave six blogging tips on how to make your blogs more popular by using Facebook, social buttons, Google+ and the like.

The rose among the thorns, Ms. Jenny Manongdo of http://www.mannaforjenny.tumblr.com/ talked about The Joy and Rewards of Writing. She asked the most important question: Why do you blog? She also imparted us with the phrase “You are important, You are the future, You are the Communicator, You are a BLOGGER”.

Mr. Marlon Guzman of http://www.solidhosting.ph/ talks on How to Secure Your Blog. He shared tips on how to protect your passwords, your login activities, using plug-ins, and the most important of all, BACK-UP.

Lastly, Marnell Delos Reyes shares Resolving Blog Issues 101 and other tips on how to configure your blog when it encounters an error and difficult access.

With blogger friends Shekinah and Marco
After the event, it was an information overload for me, but I was now more inclined to manage my blog and how I could maximize it. I was happy that I got to see my blogger friends at the event too.

Congrats again to Az for a smashing Blogger Fiesta 2011. Till next year bloggers! J


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