Monday, August 22, 2011

Zong at Centris Walk
I just love Chinese Restaurants. At first, I thought they all have the same taste and style of cooking, but when I tried Zong at Centris Walk, Quezon Avenue during the dinner for Blogger Manila’s Final Blogger Apprentice Challenge, they definitely set a different trend among the Chinese restaurants I know.

Enjoying the restaurant with fellow Blogger Apprentice candidates
Zong’s environment to very cozy and appealing. If you want a place where you can be alone on your thoughts and good food or you’re contemplating where to spend a romantic date, it is definitely the place to be. They also boast of their Executive Sous Chef, Wong Kam On a.k.a.Chef Onno, who shares his Chinese Culinary talent that makes Zong’s dishes truly delectable.
Singapore Style Fish Fillet
The Singapore Style Fish Fillet (Php438) is dory fish served with sweet orange sauce. On top of it is egg floss, just like in the bread we all buy in our favorite bread shop.

The Sweet and Sour Pork with peach halves
Their Sweet and Sour Pork (Php328) do not taste like the usual dish we all love. Instead of pineapples, they make us of peach halves, which makes me enjoy it more.

Yummy Dumplings!

Dumplings are love! When you look at their Dumplings with Black Vinegar Sauce (Php328), it may look boring, but then it’s spicy all of a sudden. We were given a separate bowl and we all thought it was soup. Mommy Lariza even asked the waiter if he’ll give soup to all of us. He then told us that it gives more flavor and less spice to the dumplings when poured.

Fujian Fried Rice
My favorite was the Fujian Fried Rice (Php288). It is topped with pork, shrimp, vegetables and a hefty serving of sauce. It’s yummy and saucy at the same time. I believe the Fujian Fried Rice is a dish in itself already. I was so full because I keep on refilling my plate with more of these.

Their drinks are just so inviting!
Their presentations of their drinks are amusing. The Pomelo Fruit Shake (Php118) is topped with bits of pomelo, while their Iced Tea has three layers, with the froth at the top, ice at the middle and the tea at the bottom.

Zong is now one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in the Metro. Their location at Centris Walk is very convenient to go to. I just think that the quantity of their dishes will be best for a whole family.

And the best part? Zong doesn’t make us of MSG. They use fresh ingredients and natural flavors that it makes their dishes healthy too. For Chinese food that’s yummy and healthy, they would definitely be my number one place.

Zong is located at Centris Walk, Eton Centris EDSA corner Quezon Ave., East Triangle. They also have a branch at The Fort, Taguig City. You can check out their website for a rundown of their famous dishes.

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