It All Ends Today: Harry Potter's Last Premiere Night

Today, July 7 (4PM, London Time), is the LAST Premiere Night of Harry Potter movies after gracing the screen for 10 fruitful years. For all these times, we have journeyed with Harry, Hermione and Ron, waited the books, reserved ourselves for the movies, but on July 15, The Boy Who Lived will bid its final goodbye.

The World Premiere was held at the Trafalgar Square in London where all of the cast were present and walked at the huge red carpet. Daniel Radcliffe flew all the way from New York, USA and went to London just to attend the last premiere of the last installation of the Harry Potter Saga. It was shown via Youtube and the Harry Potter UK Live Streaming.

I was raving about J.K. Rowling's dress. It was a lovely green gown with flower accents. Daniel and J.K. both walked into the Trafalgar Square together and when he was asked to say something to J.K, he thanked her for being the amazing person who changed his life. I feel so sad that its finally ending, but I'm excited on how they would portray the book. No expectations for now, but I really hope that they'd go all the way with the movie since its the last one. 

Aren't we all excited? I know I am! I still can't get over the fact that the near is so soon. Thank you J.K. Rowling for giving us the magic that is Harry Potter. I solemnly swear that my future kids will know and experience the world of Harry Potter. 

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