Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm not much of a make-up kind of girl. During college, my bag only contains of three beauty products: Powder, Lip Gloss and a Comb. Unlike my best friend Carmela, I'm not fond of Lipstick either, just a simple lip balm will do. And that is why when I graduated from college and had my first job, I was such a klutz in putting on an eye shadow. I even thought blue was the nicest of all colors in the palette. Thank God for beautiful officemates who know how to put on even a mean mascara, I finally learned a bit about drawing colors on your face. Hence, my latest buy, Forever21's Love and Beauty Blush (Php285). 

Since I had credits left on my Forever21 Gift Card from last year's Samsung event, I thought of using it during my latest trip to SM Makati. I was contemplating on whether to buy the eye shadow palette but I'm not into bulky packages, so I got this blush instead. I was just raving on how pink it is. I tried it last Friday and I just love how it compliments my "morena" skin. 

And since I'm a klutz, Forever21 Love and Beauty's mirror and brush at the lower side is just perfect if I'm not carrying my mirror with me. It definitely saves my things from clutter too because I don't need to buy a separate brush. Just perfect for on the go girls like me.


Due to Gellie's request, here is how it looks when applied to the skin. And I just love how pinkish and natural it looks in my color. :)

Forever21 Makati is located at the Ground Floor, SM Makati, Tel. no. 553-0448.


Great buy! :) I love going through their makeup section, everything is so pretty and yet so affordable. I saw brush sets in pink with pink rhinestones and it was like WOW! :D


make a swatch on your skin for this! i would love to see how it looks on the skin because it definitely looks good on its container. plus very affordable! :D

much love,


Hello Ria,

When I saw this the last time I was in F21, I actually contemplated on getting it but I stopped myself from buying yet another blush - golly, I already have a hundred! :D

But thanks to your wonderful review, I have another favorite on my list...



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